ExamSnap Guide: The First Step to Obtaining CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA 220-1001 exam is one of the important tests for an individual to get the CompTIA A+certificate. Cloud computing, virtualization, network troubleshooting, mobile devices, hardware, and networking technology are the main parts of this certification exam. It is important that the applicant has the needed knowledge and skills to deal with the parts of a computer and take care of troubleshooting problems concerning the network, software, and hardware components. The CompTIA 220-1001 test comes with 90 questions in a multiple-choice format. One needs to score at least675 out of 900 in order to pass this exam. This article is dedicated to the benefits of the A+ credential and its test, and you will also know how ExamSnap can help in your exam preparation.

Benefits of CompTIA 220-1001 exam

Passing the A+ 220-1001test has a lot of advantages. Some of them are available to the certified candidates throughout their life. We are going to highlight them. The career prospects prove the necessity of good exam preparation. Remember that ExamSnap is always here with a lot of available materials.

  • A wide spectrum of career opportunities

Anybody who completes CompTIA 220-1001and passes it can achieve the CompTIA A+ certification. It is one of the core credentials of CompTIA. Those who pass this test and become qualified can build a strong basis and have the advantage to start a career in the field of Information Technology. The A+ certification serves as a foundation and provides basic knowledge to achieve other CompTIA certificates. This opens up multiple doors of opportunities to choose from and advance your professional life. The individuals can select the area of interest and specialization. It allows them to follow their passion.

There are multiple choices for the career, unlike other disciplines where sometimes one has to stay constant with one particular field. Anybody rewarded with CompTIA A+ certificate is not considered a beginner even at the start of the career in the industry because these people are already experienced. A person having this credential can work as a help desk technician, a field service technician, and a computer technician.

The salaries of qualified candidates are higher compared to those who don’t have the certification. CompTIA A+ provides its holder with a status in the working field, which proves the skills and level of experience he or she possesses. Companies always welcome and hire those individuals with IT certificates and offer them good salaries. Unlike many other disciplines where one has to start the career from a low position and put a lot of effort to get to a better post with the passage of time, in this industry, the CompTIA A+ certification enables a person to get a good occupation right from the start, not only with a high salary but also with higher positions or designations in the organizations.

  • Great chances of getting hired

Those individuals who are having the CompTIA A+ credential generally get hired more quickly compared to the non-certified specialists. Due to the certificate, the applicants have the opportunity to fill the top positions within an organization quickly. The individuals usually can select the area of their choice and expertise, and their certification signifies their skills and talents. Most of the standards, which the companies have, are met by qualified CompTIA A+ certified professionals.

These people get a quick appreciation when applying for positions offered by the companies, and this is possible due to their particular expertise level. Across the IT industry, the CompTIA A+ certification is considered to be one of the first requirements for being hired. The employers are sure that the recruited person is able to deliver the duties in the best possible manner. Most companies assume the CompTIA A+ certified individuals do their work quickly in a minimum amount of time thanks to their primary skills. This aspect is very useful for organizations.

The credential also indicates that the applicants are enthusiastic and interested in the selected sphere. It shows that an individual wants to work in the respected field and enhance the career prospects by developing skills and attaining experience, as well as working knowledge. The CompTIA certified specialists usually use their skills and talents to increase the satisfaction level of customers, which significantly boosts the business revenue and profits in return.

The organization is allowed to use the CompTIA A+ certification logo during the time period when the certified individual works and stays in the company. Thus, the top reason why the organizations are so interested in hiring the CompTIA certified specialists is that they help increase the overall productivity of the company thanks to the set of skills they possess. This gives the organization a strong boost. New competition standards are set in addition to decreased training cost for all the employees, which enhances the overall profit of the company to the maximum possible level.

  • Higher pay for CompTIA certified individuals

Nowadays, jobs in the sphere of Information Technology intend to pay maximum salaries compared to other fields. You don’t have to worry about the situation because there is constant development that is happening across the globe. It is related to the creation of new opportunities for different people to work together.

The CompTIA A+ certified individuals have the edge over their peers and colleagues because the credential helps them stand out from the crowd and get recruited faster. The certificate allows its holders to get a job they wish because they have a form of proof to show their capacities, skills, and knowledge. Therefore, you should try to pass the exam at your first attempt. Train yourself with practice tests and other materials from ExamSnap.This platform deserves students’ confidence. ExamSnap is full of updated tests. If you stay focused, committed, gain a lot of experience and obtain more knowledge, you can increase your career opportunities easily.


The CompTIA A+ certificate offers a lot of benefits to its holder and allows to get a better salary and position by shifting to bigger projects within the same company or a different one. The A+ credential has become a necessity in order to tackle the strict recruitment criteria in the world of Information Technology. This certification helps the individuals get recognized globally because, in order to achieve it, they have to successfully pass two difficult exams and acquire knowledge regarding the IT field.

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