Why a logo is so much important for a business to become a brand?

Well, with the logo you admire, you are sure to be close in getting your business going in the large market surrounding you. As a matter of fact, logos play an essential part in your visual identity. It will be used on different efforts in marketing as well as in promotion hence enabling you to get the professionalism appearance together with getting recognized.

Below are some of the 15 best branding ideas which are completely easy to use that will make your logo look lively. In addition to this, the ideas feature all the resources you will require to use on each. If you do not have a logo yet, try to create it in a minute using Logaster logo maker.

  1. Addition to your website

Generally, websites play a major role in the branding of any business. As a result of this, adding your logo to your website would be one of the best ideas you will have to ensure you optimize its significance. There are two common areas in your website where you can put the logo. They include:

  • The Favicon – Usually a small icon which is next to the address bar or next to the title on the browser tab. In this, you should use the monogram or the icon-only version of your logo through which it fits in very small spaces normally (32×32 pixels or 16×16 pixels)
  • The Header – This is normally at the top left. In this, you are necessitated to ensure that your logo remains legible on the use of differences sizes of screen. As a result, it will create a great impact and influence once someone gets on your page.

Further instructions you will need while adding to your logo will be dependent on the platform you are using in building your website. This is so as they might change with different platforms hence making it necessary to have a look at some of their articles. Some of these platforms include; GoDaddy, Etsy, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly. Furthermore, in case you are using WordPress, the placement of your logo will be dependent on the choice of the theme to use.

  1. Addition of the Email Signature

Adding your email signature is essential as it acts as a reminder to people of your brand when you send them a message. In addition to this, you will notify potential customers by reaching out to someone new through this method.

You should upload your logo through the PNG version to your Google Drive or to your Dropbox. After this, right-click so that you can copy the URL of the image and then finally paste this URL to the generator tool.

  1. Use of Your Logo on Your Different Social Media Platforms

Maintaining consistency in the use of your logo on your different social media platforms. Use it as the profile photo on different platforms which will act as one of the best marketing strategies. In addition to this, customers will easily identify you on different channels as the logo will be similar on all the platforms. Where you have your logo as an icon-only version, then you can use it in making a big impact from a small space.

  1. Use of Business Cards

A business card will be one of the most common places you will find logos. It physically represents your brand, which can be shared with any interested customers of your products and services.

First, you should determine whether you love the vertical or horizontal layout. Also, you can dictate whether you need the traditional size, usually 3.5″ x 2″ and choose whether it will be colored or white cardstock.

Some of the resources from which you can get your business cards printed include:

  • MOO
  • GotPrint
  • Avery
  • Vistaprint
  1. Add it on Pieces of Clothing such as a Hat, Hoodie, T-shirt, and many other

In the process of your advertisement and promotion of your brand, putting your logo on clothing will show off your brand together with getting a word-of-mouth advertisement. In this, vector logo files will be the best, which include SVG or EPS.

Where branding for clothing ideas has been implemented, you should consider logo sizing, placement, and the material used to ensure that it looks elegant.

Below are some of the places where you can get your clothing printed:

  • Custom Ink
  • Vistaprint
  • Artik
  1. Use of Customized Labels or Stickers

Stickers will act as a marketing tool in which they can be released during an event you have of your brand. The stickers can be stuck on notebooks, laptops, and many more contributing to portable branding. Furthermore, you can easily select on the customization you need on the shapes such as die-cut/customized shapes, square, circle, and many more.

Where you require a large volume of stickers for your packaging uses, it is recommended that you purchase them in rolls or on sheets.

Some of the places you can get custom logo stickers printed include;

  • StickerGiant
  • MOO
  • StickerYou
  • Sticker Mule
  1. Incorporate it on Your Images

Well, as you will keep updating your posts among other photos on your social media platforms, it is a good idea to get your Instagram posts, product photos, and cover images to be accompanied by your logo. You can make the use of editing programs such as PicMonkey in creating watermarked images or other paid programs such as Adobe Illustrator. However, you need to ensure that the version of your logo is of the transparent background.

  1. Add it on your Envelopes and Letterheads

Addition of your logo to envelopes and letterheads will increase the trustworthy your business gets from its customers. Incorporate the transparent version of the logo on the colored or white background. However, this might, at times, be dependent on the document you use.

You can use Google Doc or Microsoft Word in adding a logo to your letterhead or envelope easily.

  1. Addition of The Logo to Your Receipts, Invoices, and Post-Purchase Emails

Another one of the best ideas of giving life to your logo is through adding it to your documents provided after the completion of work or sale of a product of service. These documents include receipts, invoices, and post-purchase emails. This is likely to leave an impression to your customers and will act in retaining them for future sales.

This addition will be dependent on the software you use in building your website with. Some of the major invoicing platforms you will get include:

  • Wave
  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks

On the other hand, you should customize your messages by branding them through adding your logo on the email header where you send post-purchase emails, email marketing campaigns, or you use automated shipping notifications. You can check on how to add your logo into your Shopify and MailChimp email templates.

  1. Creation of Branded Presentations

While creating presentations on Google Slides, PowerPoint, Prezi, or other platforms, it is essential to brand them by adding a transparent background logo version at the footer of each slide. In addition to this, it should also be featured mainly in the closing and opening slides which will take your brand home.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate your brand and logo colors in your presentation template such that you can be prepared for the training presentations, client pitches, and many more.

You can use PowerPoint in creating this through which after creating your template, you should click at Save As > PowerPoint Template (.potx).

  1. Set it as your Wallpaper on your Phone and Desktop

On unlocking your tablet, phone, and computer, you will want to see your branding all the time. Making your wallpaper to be a logo version will be essential such that employees can use it at some points such as in events.

For customizing your wallpaper, you can incorporate the free program known as Canva.

  1. Addition on the Packaging

At points where you carry out retail or an e-commerce business, it would be a great opportunity in using your logo on your packaging through which you can increase the recognition of your brand every time you sell or send packaged goods to your customers.

Packaging may be in the form of boxes, paper bags, padded envelopes, poly mailers, labels and stickers, cardboard tubes, wrapping paper, packing tape, postcards, and many more.

You can commence with utility packaging for the pocket-friendly options such as blank boxes while customizing the stamps, stickers or the packing tapes. After this, you can then upgrade it later to the custom-printed boxes or bags on the establishment of your business.

Some of the areas to get your branded packaging materials to include:

  • Uline
  • Sticker Mule
  1. Printing Menus, Brochures, Postcards, Notecards, and Many More!

Showing off your logo cannot be better than using it on printed collateral. Most likely if you are in some of the industries such as real estate, restaurants, or the fashion industries.

With a professional printer, you can provide them with the vector logo files which can be SVG or EPS and then have them printed. However, ensure you proof them before the printing to ensure you get what you needed.

Areas to get your postcards, brochures and other collateral printed include:

  • Primoprint
  • MOO
  • Overnight Prints
  1. Use Office Supplies which are Branded

Well, having office supplies which are branded will go a long way in getting your brand home. You should have your logo printed on most of your supplies such as pens, coffee mugs, desk calendars, notebooks, mousepads, sticky notes, and many more.

You can get your office supplies customized at the following:

  • Artik
  • 4imprint
  • Inkhead
  1. Getting Decals for Your Vehicles, Windows or Walls

This is a cheap method of branding your space or even your vehicles. furthermore, it is fun through which the decals can be easily added to the wall with additional ease in removing them as well. You can add them to your boardrooms and offices. Window decals will be essential in drawing attention to the passersby. Some weatherproof stickers will be perfect for adding your business logo on your outdoor windows or on your vehicle, and this will draw much attention for anyone surrounding you. Some of the areas you can get logo decals to include:

  • Vistaprint
  • Sticker Giant
  • Sticker Mule

In conclusion, with the above best 15 ideas of showing off your logo globally, you are sure to have your business spread all over. Check the best options which best suit you and which also give much sense to the type of your business. Furthermore, you should note that there are different ways in which you can promote your business through premium at any stage you are. With this, then, you are sure to have your logo working at its optimized use.

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