How to get full body notifications on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

The new pop out notification system in iOS 5 is truly one of the must-have features. This new notification system makes things easy as it doesn’t disturb your work. Though it is good, it still has one drawback, it shows shortened notifications. In this guide, we will share how to enable full body notifications on iPhone or iPad.

full body notifications on iPhone

So in the notification bar, you get to see only part of your incoming message or notification. To view it fully you have to go to the particular app leaving all that you were doing at that moment.

Apple didn’t provide any such update, so to fix this developers named Joshua Tucker and Conrad Kramer have developed a jailbreak tweak named ‘Reveal’.

How to get full body notifications on iPhone

Reveal allows you to view the full body notifications on iPhone from the Lock screen or from the banner notifications. This makes reading easy and saves much of the time as there is no need to open the particular app.

Whenever you get a banner notification, Reveal makes it possible to scroll horizontally over the banner like a marquee to read the whole body of notification.

It works the similar with bubble notifications too, allowing you to scroll vertically through the bubble notifications on the lock screen. If not, you can also double tap the lock screen icon bubble to expand the message.

Take a look at the video preview of Reveal.

Looks cool, isn’t it?

Reveal is available in Cydia store under BigBoss repo for $1.99. Though it is a paid tweak, it is a must buy. To get it, just head over to Cydia, search for Reveal, make your purchase and install it.

To install Reveal your device should be jailbroken and running on iOS 5. It doesn’t work with previous versions of iOS as the new notification system is only introduced in iOS 5. It is supported by all the iDevices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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