Gadgets or devices which help the tech-challenged seniors live easier

Seniors often differ widely with their approach to adopting and adjusting to new technology. While many seem to loathe to jump on to the tech bandwagon, studies have shown most seniors to be eager to try out new technology and devices based on those.

Here is a compilation of a few devices that can be considered a boon for the tech-challenged seniors.


It can well be considered an assortment of multiple devices here – a removable tablet, Harman Kardon sound along with the vertical structure the top portion of which moves and sort of looks like the ‘head’ of it all. In fact, there is a round LED lighting as well that glows when it is speaking to make it seem more realistic and sensitive to emotions. The base also serves as the charging dock for the tablet to pick upcharge.

Also, the reason ElliQ is popular among the seniors is its high degree of automation as it can perform almost all its tasks with minimum supervision. It can respond to voice commands while the built-in AI-backed software allows the device to adjust to the requirements of the user.

That way, it can provide customised responses each time, like waking you up during a particular time of the day, reminding you to take your medicines or alerting you of any commitments that you may have made. Those apart, users can also make video calls, share images and videos with near and dear ones and so on.

The makers of the device are also assuring adherence to the highest standards of user privacy and security, which should allay any fears of ElliQ likely invading your privacy. This is crucial given that the device comes with a dual-camera setup on top of the tablet while the integrated speaker is designed to pick up the user’s voice. User’s reviews have also been largely positive as well.

Opel Mobile

One of the best ways to keep the seniors in your family engaged is to have regular communication with them. And how best to do that than to talk to them often and on. It is exactly here that Opel Mobile comes into the picture thanks to their wide range of mobile device offerings that again are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the seniors.

The mobile phones, such as the base feature phone model comes with large keys that also are easy to understand. The display is also spacious enough to provide the information that your senior dad or mom might need. Build quality is robust too while still being stylish.

Opel also stated their mobiles are M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible while there also is a dedicated SOS button to deal with likely frantic situations. What’s more, the WhatsApp and Facebook apps will let your dad stay in the social fray when it comes to keeping in touch with other friends and associates.


This is a video calling device that would save the users any sort of involvement on their part, thereby making it best suited for those who aren’t too adept with the tech stuff. However, the only thing that they’d need to do will be to install the free ViewClix app on your supported devices.

Also, while the senior user, for instance, your dad isn’t required to do anything, it’s you who would be initiating the calls. The rather expansive 15-inch display offers quite a generous window for both sides to exchange more than just mere glances. Your dad will also be able to share photos as well which gets displayed as a slideshow.

It is ready to use too, which means you can get going with the ViewClix right out of the box. However, while the device does not require any handling from your dad, the other side of this story is that your dad won’t ever be able to initiate a video call. So, it is you who has to do that each time.

Home Monitoring Systems

This again is something that can be considered extremely essential if you have someone elderly in your home and who needs to be under constant supervision. The Home monitoring system such as those from ‘Alarm’ or ‘Lively Home’ works by placing sensors, alarms and such at strategic points to ensure your doting dad or mom is always under electronic surveillance while also ensuring they have their privacy at the same time.

You will also be served regular notifications, particularly when something might have gone wrong. For instance, if any of the elderly people had a fall, there will be a prompt notification to let you intervene fast. Among the other stuff that the system performs is to allow the seniors to send emails or texts messages and so on.