GoldenDict: A Useful Dictionary App for Linux

We often search for dictionary software. Though Google is a common dictionary for us (for any language) having other options at hand isn’t a bad idea at all. So, here we have a little software to learn new words and get some help in our school assignments.

GoldenDict is an extremely lightweight app just occupying 3MB of space on your disc. It finds everything that you would find on Google. That is just because of support of many online dictionaries in the little tool available; including Wikipedia and some other big names.


  • Support for many online dictionaries
  • Support for many languages
  • Audio pronunciation available for every word
  • Translate tool available
  • Easy to use interface

GoldenDict starts with a nice welcome note & tutorial pane which will guide you through several processes. Clicking on Edit in the menu bar will slide out two main functions- Dictionaries and Preferences. Dictionaries menu will give you the option to add several dictionary sources, which will be the source to search words for your vocabulary. Preferences menu will guide you to customize its settings such as Audio etc.

Support for Russian, German and Portuguese are also available which is a helpful feature in many ways.

Once you search a word in the search box located at left, it will search through all the sources you have mentioned. Currently, we have selected Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary to search our set of words. And as we type the word “cool” in the search box and press enter the results are showing up in seconds. Pretty Quick!

If you have a problem with words and want all the awesome dictionaries under one window, then GoldenDict is sure for you. Its support for multiple languages and dictionary sources make it a dictionary software to aspire for!

Get GoldenDict from here!

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