Troubleshoot: Hard Drive Disk failures

Hard Disk Drive troubleshooting

Hard Disk Drives are an integral part of a PC. With they storing data for the entire computer, it is important that they work fine. But once they start behaving oddly, there may be some serious work to be done. To prevent such kind of situation, we have this article., which we hope will help you.

Hard Disk Drive troubleshooting

Hard Disk Failure Symptoms

  1. Operating System frequently crashing and system files missing.
  2. Files mysteriously disappearing
  3. Boot Manager going missing often
  4. Inability to create partitions
  5. Development of bad sectors. Frequent error messages about the same.
  6. Hard disk starts making noise.

If you get one or more of these problems often, then there is a good chance that your HDD has developed some problems. But don’t panic, just calm down and follow these steps one by one.

Troubleshooting Hard Disk failures

  1. Bad sector scanning – Try to scan for bad sectors and fix them. There are many freeware to do this.
  2. Partition Removal – Remove all partitions and create new ones. This step will wipe away all the data on the disk drive, so please go ahead with caution and backup your data first.
  3. Do an extensive Virus Scan – Some worms are known to cause such problems. There is a chance that your problem is due to malware.
  4. Re-install Boot Manager – It is quite simple and works wonders on the path to data recovery
  5. Try something else – Plug out your HDD from the SATA port and plug it into another, if its available, or else change positions of the DVD drive and HDD.

If no method works, it can be something to do with the master and slave settings in your BIOS. Still nothing? Your HDD has crashed! Try getting a replacement and ask some expert in the manufacturers company to recover the data for you. It is quite expensive though.

Think I missed out on something that works wonders? Please do comment to let us know!

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