How can I make money playing bingo games online?

Although most people play bingo solely due to the fact that it’s highly entertaining, some get involved in online bingo to make money. After all, if you can use online poker to make some serious money, why not bingo?

All you need is your scorecard, a decent Wi-Fi connection, and a little bit of Lady Luck on your side, and the chances are you can scoop a nice monetary prize.

But are there any definite tips to increase your chances of making some money? You can check out some below:

Tip 1

It’s a good idea to search around for online bingo sites that offer you bonuses just for signing up. These are known as welcome packages and they can be really generous. Some sites will offer the opportunity to play for free, which is great when you think that you can still win money for nothing!

Always read the terms and conditions though. It’s likely that any monetary gains will have withdrawal restrictions to encourage you to keep playing!

Tip 2

The more you play on a particular site, the bigger chance you have of winning. This is all linked to the algorithms on the sites which calculate how much you’re taking part, and how much money you’re depositing. You’ll get more rewards and bonuses the more you play, increasing your chances of scoring bingo.

Essentially, if you’re patient, that big win will come eventually!

Tip 3

Mathematically, the more bingo cards you have, the more likely you are to have the winning numbers. So be sure to play more than just one card. Just make sure you don’t overspend and end up shelling out more on scorecards than the actual prize is worth!

Tip 4

Do some homework and search around for bingo sites that offer tournaments that offer bigger cash prizes. These may be held at odd times throughout the week in order to entice players to visit the site at off-peak times.

They’re still worth it though. Prizes can escalate much higher than normal, so these tournaments are definitely worth playing in.

Tip 5

The next tip won’t make you win, but it will certainly mean you won’t lose. You should always know what your limits are. Set aside a specific amount of money to play with, and when it’s run out, that’s fate’s way of telling you to call it a day.

Always have in mind what you can afford to lose and never go beyond that amount. You can speak to your bank to limit the amount you deposit each month if you’re worried about going over your limits.


Bingo is a great way of having fun and passing the time. What gives it that extra little bit of je ne sais quoi is that there’s always the chance you’re going to win some cash, and players get the buzz and the thrill before every single game.

Although throwing in your lot and becoming a professional bingo player is not advisable, you can still certainly use it as a potentially lucrative way of entertaining yourself!

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