How To Optimize Location of Ads on website to earn maximum returns

Optimize Location of Ads

There is no doubt that advertisement is one of the main and #1 source of earning for Website and Blog owners. But just showing ads not only brings fortune to you but the right placement of ads and selection of correct format of ad type is the most important things to consider while showing advertisement on your website if you want to earn maximum through them.

How To Optimize Location of Ads on the website to earn maximum returns

Most of us know that Google Adsense is one of the best and highest revenues paying Ad-network on the web. It has a wide variety of Ad formats and types which can be used to advertise on a website.

Google Adsense engineers tried to show the best place of ads placed on a website using a heat map. Here are the guidelines to study heat map:

To make your ads most effective, let’s find the best places to put ads on your page.

  • The darker colored sections of the “heat map” below are more effective.
  • Ads “above the fold” (the area of the page visible without scrolling) tend to perform better than those below the fold.
  • Ads near rich content and navigational aids usually perform well.

Optimize Location of Ads

The best location for ads varies from page to page, depending on content. It is just a typical illustration of ads placement. To my experience, less is more. Above the fold advertisements, and link units perform well, especially those who are around title and menu items.

Those advertisements are more contextual and make sense for the consumers. Sidebars and specially footers do well only if you have a lot of page views. You get paid for some impressions but not for clicks. So balance the advertisements in such a way that it doesn’t look a lot, but still makes good money.