How to send WhatsApp message without adding contact in Android

How to send message to whatsapp user without adding as contact

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. However, since the starting of the app, it has a significant limitation. You can’t usually send a message to a number on WhatsApp without adding them as a contact first. There are cases where we have to send texts to WhatsApp users for informing something, sending the location to a driver, or sending a YouTube video link to a stranger you just met at the park. In all these situations, it is a headache to save the contact first and then send the message. Here is how to message a number on WhatsApp without first adding them as a contact.

Send WhatsApp message without adding as a contact in Android

There are two methods to send WhatsApp messages to someone, not on your contact list. These methods are a little bit tricky, but you can do it quickly. You can use the following methods to send the message. Choose a technique that suits better for you without much hassle.

WhatsApp’s link

It’s the easiest way to send a message to a person without adding them as a contact on WhatsApp. Here we are using WhatsApp’s link service. It is a feature that came into existence to send a message without saving a number as a contact. As long as you know the person’s WhatsApp linked phone number, you can create a link to send a message to him/her.

send WhatsApp message without adding as a contact in Android

  1. Use<number>. The  number is a complete phone number in international format.
  2. Do not include any zeroes, brackets, or dashes when adding the phone number.
  3. For example, use, but don’t use:
  4. Now copy and paste this link in a browser to open the contact chat in WhatsApp app.

Using 3rd party apps

The above method might not satisfy everyone. Even though it is the easiest method, many people still find it a hard task. If you are one of them, this method is for you. You can use any of the available third-party services to do this for you. Here we use an app named Click to chat [small, no ads] to send the message to a number. You can find similar apps on the PlayStore. But still, it is the lightest app with no advertisements and fewer permissions.

Using third party app to send message without saving number

  1. Download and install Click to chat [small, no ads] app from Google play store.
  2. Open the app and give it permissions to work.
  3. You can see the spaces to add the phone number that you want to send a message.
  4. Add the prefix and the number in the columns.
  5. Now tap on the Open button to open that number’s chat window in the WhatsApp app.

These are the two existing and working methods to send a message to a WhatsApp user without saving their phone number as a contact in your phone. Try both of them and choose your suitable way to do this.

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