How to Stop WhatsApp group members from editing group topic and icon


WhatsApp groups allow users to change the group icon, topic, and description without the prior permission from the admin. The feature has been there ever since the WhatsApp unveiled the Groups feature in the IM app. But this can lead to losing the relevance of a group based on some specific topics. As everyone can edit the group details, group admins mostly get irritated with the inappropriate changings made by the group members. But WhatsApp now provides a feature to stop WhatsApp group members from editing group topic and icon.

Unlike before, you can easily set the permission to change the group topic and icon only for admins. Here is how you can easily prevent the other members from interfering the group topic and other details unnecessarily.

How to stop WhatsApp group members from editing group topic and icon

WhatsApp recently released the app version 2.18.135, which brought many features. Among other newly introduced highlights, the “Group Settings” is going to help you with this. The group settings feature is not a global preset for the whole app. You can set it individually for each group. Here is how you can turn off the public nature of your group topic changing settings.

Note: You cannot simply apply the settings to every WhatsApp groups you are a member. You must be one among the admins of the group to do this.

  • Select the group which you want to change settings.
  • Tap on the group name at the top bar, where it shows the group status.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on “Group Settings” among listings.
  • You can now see the page contains group privacy settings including the admin list editing option.
  • Tap on the “Edit group info.”
  • From the popup window, choose “Only Admins.”
  • Now tap OK to save the changed settings.

stop WhatsApp group members from editing group topic and icon

Choosing the above option will limit the group privacy settings concerning the editing info only to the admins. If you choose the “All participants” from the popup list, the settings will be reverted to the old state, and anyone could be able to edit the group info.

How to Manage Every Admin of the Group

You can also manage every admin of the group at a go by choosing the “Edit group admins” option from Group Settings window.

WhatsApp has not yet stopped being more security and privacy settings to the app. The “group settings” is only one among the many forthcoming features. WhatsApp will shortly introduce the feature that lets admins mute a specific member, which blocks the user from sending messages but reading every conversation.

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