How to Take Etsy Listing Videos with Your Smartphone?

From anticipating commonly asked questions to emphasizing functionality and displaying artistic features that would stay in shoppers’ thoughts as they surf the web, video is a persuasive content format to enable your products to come to life for customers. And, kudos to mobile phones for recording high-quality cutting-edge product videos to supplement your newly listed photos is no longer difficult.

Etsy, which is experiencing unprecedented growth, recently reminded its merchants about the new listing video feature, inviting people to engage in the prototype by producing videos for their listings. To comprehend the effect of videos on the Etsy consumer market, product videos created by participating merchants are only viewable to other participating sellers and 50% of buyers. Here is a complete guide to understanding how to upload Etsy listing videos.

1. Set up the Stage

Film on clutter-free backgrounds that end up making your products stand out, retaining in mind customers who may be watching your products on smaller phone screens. Strong shades, such as white or grey, are frequently effective.

2. Lighting

It goes without saying that the most important aspect to consider when filming a promotional video is the lighting. To best showcase the product, film in a well-lit environment. Make use of the three-point lighting strategy for optimal outcomes. During the testing process, Etsy advised creating brief, 5 to 15-second no audio videos for every listing. It’s fine if you don’t have the necessary camera equipment. Moreover, your mobile phone will do the task flawlessly. Be it natural or artificial light, make sure you focus on making your video as bright as possible.

You can employ three different types of lighting. Backlit display, fill light, and lastly- key light. The primary and greatest source of lighting is the key lighting. On the other hand, The fill light is much less dramatic and aids in the softening of darker areas. Furthermore, the backlight illuminates the product and distinguishes it from the background.

Making use of this method will ensure that your video looks more professional and that the subject in the video looks its best. Continue to move the subject and illumination sources until you are pleased with the configuration.

By bringing a light source nearer to your product, individuals can quickly unveil intricate details. If you’ve exhausted all other alternatives, shooting in bright sunlight will suffice!

3. Camera motion

It is preferable to not have a video than to have an unsteady one. You could perhaps fix your device somewhere and then capture the video to ensure that it appears less sloppy and thus more professional. If you really want to turn the camera all-around subject, you can do so with a slider or by positioning the camera over a solid but smooth surface. This would effectively absorb the disruptions and give your video a stable touch. Of course, you’ll also need a reputable video editor application to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

4. Set up your phone

Connect your smartphone to a charger before you start filming. Make sure you’ve got a minimum of two gigabytes of storage capacity so you can record as many video shots as you will need. To make space on your device, you may have to delete some files.

5. Compose your shot

Many mobile phones are composed of two cameras, one across the front side and one across the back. When applicable, make use of the back camera because it captures superior-quality videos. Check that the resolution is positioned to 1080p HD, at 30 FPS (frames per second). You can choose this option on an iPhone by going to Settings > Camera > Record video.

Aspect ratio: To maintain the listing experience consistent for customers, make sure the aspect ratio of your respective listing video matches the alignment of your principal listing image.

6. Background

The background of your video should ideally be blank in order to emphasize the product maximally.

If you wish to include other elements into the frame for artistic purposes, make sure they are well organized and merge in with the primary product. Use vibrant colors in the frame, but avoid using a brighter color element in the background. This will take away the focus from your product and further give it a dull appearance.

7. Incorporate the final touches

Use your device’s trim feature to remove any additional footage at the start or end of your preferred clips – every completed listing video must be somewhere around 5 to 15 seconds long. To include an accurate representation of your product lines, prevent using filters or changing the color grading on your listing videos. Also, keep in mind that the clips you publish to your Etsy listings can not play sound, so don’t feel worried about expelling any ambient noise or voiceover.

Bottom Line

You can indeed easily devise an efficient strategy for your respective product video with the above information. With the right tools and consistent and smart efforts when it comes to video editing, your video too will start ranking.

With the trending listing video feature, be prepared to plan and optimize your listing for the latest update. If you’re having trouble increasing the ranking of your products in search results, you’re probably losing a good amount of visitors and thus revenues. Don’t forget to make use of a top-quality video editor to create remarkable promotional videos.

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