How to use Measure App and the Level tool in iPhone with iOS 12

use Measure App and the Level tool in iPhone

A lot of secret features are tucked in your iPhone and iOS 12 only adds to these numbers. We recently saw the ‘Level’ tool, earlier found in ‘Compass’ is now accommodated in Apple’s augmented reality ‘Measure’ app. What this app is all about, what is its utility, we’ll discuss how to use Measure App and the Level tool in iPhone with iOS 12

How to use Measure App and the Level tool in iPhone with iOS 12

The Measure app in in iOS 12 uses augmented reality (AR) technology to turn your iOS device into a tape measure. So, you don’t need to carry around one to take the accurate measurements of objects. Just launch the app and quickly gauge the size of objects, detect the dimensions. Save a photo of the measurement for reference.

  • Launch the Measure app from your Home screen.
  • Move the white dot visible to the desired spot that serves as your start point.

Measure focus point

  • Slowly move your device until the dot is over the ending point of your measurement, then tap the plus icon again.
  • It will calculate the measurement instantly. If required, you can adjust its starting and ending points.

Measured value

  • Touch and hold one of the points, then drag it to the desired place. The measurement will change as you will move the point.
  • To see the measurement in terms of inches and centimeters, tap the number and it reveals the detail.
  • If you would like to send the measurement to the clipboard, tap Copy and paste it into another app.
  • Hit Clear to start all over again.

The Level tool in the Measure app on iPhone

You can use this tool to check for level by holding your iPhone it in portrait or landscape mode. The screen turns green and shows 0 degree when the surface you’re testing is level.

Level surface

The same screen will turn red if the value is in negative.

Measure App Level tool

Both of these tools are going to be really handy in real-world use cases. Many a time you have to measure the size of the object or figure out if the surface is flat You don’t need any complicated tools anymore. Your iPhone does the job.

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