10 interesting facts about Apple

Want to know a few interesting facts about Apple and its CEO, Steve  Jobs? Read on …………

1. Apple was started by two people, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? NO. There is another ‘forgotten‘ co-founder Ron Wayne who later sold his stake for $800 only. In fact, it was Wayne who designed the first Apple logo.

2. Bedroom is the place to sleep peacefully after a day’s hectic work. But for the founders of Apple, it was their base. Yes, Apple was started from a bedroom and not a garage.

3. Apple today is a lot ahead when compared to Hewlett Packard. But imagine Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working as summer employees at HP? Yes that is true.

4. “Pay cash and be CEO“. That is what VC Mike Markkula did in 1977 when he bought 33% stake in Apple for about US$250,000 and was the CEO  of Apple Computers from 1981-1983.

5. Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs was known to be a ‘little terror‘ during his school days. He used to frighten his classmates by hidings snakes and exploded bombs.

6. Steve Jobs has his Employee ID as 0. In early days of formation Apple’s board of directors wanted to tag all the employees with employee ID in an order they were hired. Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder got employee No 1 and Jobs was assigned 2. Jobs continued to protest against this until he received 0 because it comes before 1.

7. Why is Apple, Apple? Because an apple is Steve Job’s favourite fruit!

8. Till date, more than 25 million iPads have been sold in the market which is indeed a very huge number.

9. There are around 54 Million Mac Users Worldwide which is peanuts when compared to the 400 million copies of just Windows 7 sold.

10. To date, Apple has sold over 200 million iOS devices, making it the number one mobile operating system with over44% market share. Android is on #2 with 28%, RIM on third with 19% and Others at 9%.

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