5 Best Music websites

Internet is an ingenious creation of mankind. Its functionality can be extended to music too! With these five awesome websites, you can be sure that you never run out of entertainment for your soul!


It’d be unfair to call this website just a music website. It is technically a music social network. It installs a small program called scrobbler on your PC, available for Linux, Windows and Mac and analyzes your music taste. Then it finds people from around the world with similar tastes. It also gives you recommendations on which music you should listen to, what concerts are going on and which albums are getting released soon. It is definitely worth a try! A nice interface and an awesome experience on the whole. It has its mobile app too!


Grooveshark can be called the Big Daddy of online radio. Virtually listen to any song in the world for free and also listen to radio stations. It is completely legal and eliminates the need of downloading songs. It has a nice interface and an extensive library. It streams the files quickly and even on a 256kbps connection, it gives absolutely no lag. 


Although it isn’t available in India, but it can be accessed via a proxy and delivers an interesting experience in providing free Internet radio. Pandora is known for its stability and the quality it provides. It takes a page out of last.fm books by providing similar recommendations and the interface is also really very nice. It also has its mobile apps.


It is a simple site that allows you to listen to free music without any problem. Here small artists can upload their own songs and can get famous once they get it right. All its songs can be downloaded for free!

Google Music

In India, the service allows you to hear Bollywood music for free, powered by Saavn. Otherwise it has all kinds of songs and is great for occasional visits! It has many content partners too. And since it is Google, it has a bright future!

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