How to use OnePlus 6T Navigation Gestures

OnePlus 6T Navigation Gestures

OnePlus has already rolled out Android 9 Pie based OxygenOS 9.0 to the OnePlus 6 earlier this
year. The OnePlus 6T with their new OxygenOS introduced a bunch of Android Pie features to the
device. One of the prime features includes the new full-screen navigation gestures. This article discusses how to use OnePlus 6T Navigation Gestures.

The update allows users to hide the navigation buttons and make use of the Android Pie navigation gestures or OnePlus’s own navigation gestures.

How to use OnePlus 6T Navigation Gestures

While the OnePlus 6 had a total of three navigation gestures. Swipe up from the center for
recent apps. Swipe up from either side to go back. OnePlus has included a couple of new navigation
gestures to the OnePlus 6T.

App Switching Gesture

OxygenOS 9 also has a nifty app switching gesture which works the same way as double tapping the recent apps button and allowing the user to switch between the two most recent apps used.

In order to use the app switching gesture, users will have to swipe up and right from the center to do the quick switch between their recent apps.

How to Configure OnePlus 6T Navigation Gestures

You need to configure the navigation gestures in OnePlus 6T to use it. However, before jumping to the configurations, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with it. Just follow the steps carefully to configure navigation gestures:

  • Open Settings from the app drawer
  • Tap to Buttons & gesture tab.
  • Tap Navigation bar & gestures.
  • Here you’ll be able to customize the navigation bar. The Back, Home setting, which is the Pie gestures.
  • The Navigation gestures option switches things to their home-grown the solution, entirely eliminating the nav bar.


Like it or not, the new gesture-based navigation system is here to stay. The manufacturers and developers believe that it will help the phone to utilize maximum screen size and follow with the trend.

Anyways, it takes some time to get used to the new navigation system. The all-new OnePlus 6T has many other interesting features as well. Most of these features come directly from Google’s latest Android Pie build and customized by OnePlus in its own custom style. Not only the OnePlus, but many other manufacturers are also following the same features like gesture navigation and more.

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