Popular Google Hacks & Tricks to get Better Search Results

Popular Google Search Hacks and Tricks

There is no doubt that Google is the World’s No.1 Search engine. If you have any doubt then conduct a survey on the most preferred search engines. The results will surely reveal that people like to use Google, over other top rated search engines like Bing or Yahoo! Let me introduce you to a few Popular Google Search Hacks and Tricks that are not only useful but are capable enough to take you to your desired destination.

Popular Google Search Hacks and TricksThese hacks will certainly surprise you with their usability.

Popular Google Search Hacks and Tricks

Enter the following magical keywords in Google search and see the result:

  • link:<url> – This will take you to the list of sites that are connected to some particular website
  • related:<url> – This will open all sites relevant to the url that you have put in the search blank
  • site:<domain> – This opens all pages linked with the domain entered by you
  • allinurl:<search term> – This opens only those results in URLs of which your search terms appear in its exact form
  • Inurl:<search term> – It will find only the first search term in the url and the remaining matches will be searched in the webpage
  • Intitle:<search term> – This will find out only sites whose titles have the first word of your search term
  • allintitle:<search term> – It will open only those pages whose websites have your search term in their titles
  • Intitle:<search term> – It opens websites, having the first word of your search term in their titles and remaining words in their pages.
  • spell:<search term> – This applies itself automatically to find any possible spelling mistakes in your search term and enter correct words for search.

Advanced Search Tips:

  • filetype:extension <search term> – Searches for files with definite extension
  • stocks:<search term> – Search for specific stock options

You can also read the Google Hacks saga, 100 Industrial-Strength Tips, and Tricks. The book is by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest for more Google hacks.

So, have you tried some of these popular Google Hacks & Tricks to Get Better Search Results? Let us know in the comments.