Prepare Your Mac To Enhance Productivity While You WFH

Work from home is the new normal. Organizations across the world are doing remote work after the outbreak of COVID-19. Although, you may have noticed that working at home somehow affects your productivity. It is because your corporate computer systems get regular updates and have fast processing. However, this can’t be an excuse to not improve the quality of your work.

Read this article to know methods to use your Mac for enhancing your work productivity.

Stay Updated with your To-do list

The first and foremost thing to improve your productivity is to make a to-do list. Prioritizing your work according to the urgency will help in the timely completion of tasks. When you complete your work on time, it will boost your morale and encourage you to work harder. Using the reminder application on your Mac can help in managing your work more efficiently.

Use iCloud for storage space

Working from home means that you need to save hundreds of files on your own device. This can fill up your storage space quickly. Not having enough storage can be one of the reasons why your Mac is slow and lagging while you are working. To resolve this issue, you should use iCloud to store all the crucial information and files. It will help in enhancing the speed of your Mac and in undisrupted work.

Keep a schedule with Screen time

Using a screen time program on your Mac is another way through which you can manage your time. Every time you complete your screen time, Mac will notify you. It helps in removing distractions while you work, you can control all the time you spend on games, movies, and work. You can also use a break reminder to give yourself a break from your screen and give some rest to your eyes.

Keep your desktop organized

Keeping your desktop organized helps in enhancing your productivity. Do not keep unnecessary files and data on your Mac, it makes the processing slow and hinders your work. Also, manage your notifications, as they can easily distract you while you are working. Only keep those data on the screen which you need frequently, save the rest of the data in cloud storage only.

One task at a time

Doing multitasking is not always helpful. Start your other tasks only when you have finished your first one. Otherwise, it will create mental stress that will affect the efficiency of your work and can also lead to late completion of tasks. You can use a calendar on your Mac to schedule all your work according to days and complete them before the deadline.

Save the battery life

It is very frustrating when you are working, and suddenly the battery of your Mac dies. To work uninterruptedly, you should disable the background application and startup programs. They consume the battery of your Mac without your knowledge, disabling them helps in boosting the battery life of the device.

With these methods, you can schedule all your work on time and can offer quality work to your organization along with taking care of your health.

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