10 reasons why you should use Twitter instead of Facebook

Almost none can deny the importance of Facebook and its immense growth graph since it was started in 2004. It’s almost a part of life for many with more than 526 million daily users. But however, not everyone thinks this way. In between, there are a formidable number of users who prefer Twitter to Facebook as their primary Social Networking Site. We find out why:


Twitter is much easy to use when compared to Facebook. You’ll only have to worry about those few buttons on your timeline rather than the endless hyperlinks, buttons, ads and profile pictures scattered all over the place on Facebook.


Twitter is fast to use as you can type your message in 140 characters and BOOM, you’re done as compared to Facebook where you may want to change the privacy settings each time for particular posts, add a location etc. which may eat up your ‘precious’ time.


Twitter can be accessed from almost anywhere; a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, a mobile phone with a simple browser etc. with complete features available in all the versions. The same does not apply for Facebook as a few important features are left out, especially in the mobile version(s).


Twitter has got a very simple yet effective and strong User Interface which demands minimum effort from the user. Tweet, Retweet, Mentions, Favorite and Direct Message are the important functionalities of Twitter which a user usually indulges in, unlike Facebook where you have to take care of your timeline, tags, photo albums, groups, pages, online friends, friend requests and what not. Phew!


You need not be a rocket scientist to use Twitter. It is as simple as it can be. But not Facebook whose frequent modifications and changes have left a majority of users either leave the platform forever or are seen teething in anger!


Twitter is much secure when compared to Facebook. Though there have been recent cases of breach of privacy on both the platforms, more frequently on Facebook but at least Twitter users do not get spammed/hacked by being previewed a fake video about Kim Kardarshian’s butt.


Twitter takes the pain to authenticate and verify important people from all walks of life like celebrities, sportsmen, politicians etc. and allots a ‘verified’ badge on their profile page, thus assuring followers that it indeed is a genuine profile. Facebook takes a beating here and this has given rise to numerous fake fan pages which end up misleading the followers.


On Twitter, the word limit of a simple tweet is 140 characters. This encourages users to switch on their creative bulb and say the most in least words.


A tweet defines a statement you just made. It represents your belief. It indicates your humor quotient. It marks your sentence-formation skills. All in all, it is a definitive process.


Twitter gives power to the people. It has been the cause of many revolutions lately. It has the power to lead on the struggle. It has the power to convert a ‘Nobody’ into a ‘Somebody’ overnight. For trends do matter and they do bring a change.

We’ve got our ten reasons. You’ve got any to add?

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