Reasons why Windows Phone is losing its ground against Android

I believe every one reading this post knows about Windows Phone and if you don’t then please don’t worry, you are not alone, there are many who haven’t discovered about Windows Phone yet. Lots of people still wonder, what exactly a Windows Phone is?

Just to add to your knowledge Windows Phones are the devices that were first released during second half of 2010. Last year at MWC 11 Windows Phone announced their alliance with Nokia and then we saw some mobile phones coming up from Nokia; especially the Nokia Lumia running a full-blown version of Windows.

In this post I am going to list some reasons as to why Windows Phone is losing its ground.  The signs are not good as for now. Microsoft was banking of the fact that it could replicate the success of Windows operating system to the Mobile. But that does not seem to be happening.

Well here are the reasons why Android is better than Windows Phone:

What’s New?

The first thing someone asks before purchasing a mobile phone is “What’s new?” Though there are new features (Metro UI) on Windows phone, these features are not exposed to the eyes of the world. Lot of people, I’d rather say majority of the people doesn’t even know about Metro UI. And the people, who know about it, will find it complicated. It’s OK with developers and programmers, but what about the different section of the society viz, doctors, professors, lawyers, teachers and office workers.

Scarcity of Vendors

Looking at the Android which has a galaxy of vendors, you will never end up counting the companies that produce Android based mobile devices. Samsung on the top of the chart offers wide range of varieties.

Coming back to Windows phones, you don’t need to count the suppliers for they hardly exist. One of them is Nokia that has majority of shares. And I am pretty sure; you don’t want to buy a Nokia phone. That would be last thing you would do. Am I right? Nokia “used” to dominate in the East and Middle East during the early days of mobile phones. But in this smart phone ecosystem, Nokia is endangered.

Phone Designs

If you are buying Windows Phone then you have very few options to choose from. Mostly it is Nokia or a couple from HTC. Let’s just say you decide to choose Nokia, then the shape of the phone will scare you away, terrible designs in my personal opinion!  On the other hand Samsung has some top class, stylish, trendy, classy and exquisite smart phones which are always better than Windows Phones.


Action speaks louder than words

There is too much buzz about Windows Phone but hardly any update. Android has already planned to launch Android 5.0 by this June. Windows phone seems to be struggling with the 7.5 version (No idea when next update is coming).

Any development or upgrade on Windows phone is always kept secret. Things are not same with Google’s Android. You have no idea about upcoming carrier agreement and next release.  If you need to issue an update, it better be as smooth as butter. Buzzing about streamlined UI and user-friendly feature set to impress buyers but quality isn’t the only factor in successful sales push.

Where are the tablets ?

Keeping smart phones aside lets talk about a tablet for a change. It is not easy to find a Windows based tablet.  People think Windows based tablet would prove effective but there is no development towards Windows based tablets. No questions of iOS and Android leading in tablet market. There are some hopes after launch of Windows 8. Will it change the market? That remains to be most difficult question.

Since the launch of Google Android in 2007, large sections of smart phone users rests with Android. The new competitor (Windows phone) is looming in the shadows and I believe it has a dark future. Take it anyway you want, Windows phone stands no chance to gain customers.

I know many of you are using either Android or iOS based devices. What are your views on the Windows phone? Do list them in the comment section below.

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