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We have our anti-virus software to protect out computers from malware – but no protection as such for our websites. While a person in the know may be able to harden his website’s security by tweaking a few settings and changing file permission, a layman would probably be at a loss! Recently all our websites were hacked, and that is when I started looking around for a good free service that would help me protect my websites in future. That’s when I can across WebsiteDefender!

Protect Websites is an online security monitoring service, which helps you secure your website or blog against malware or any hacking activity. It actively and periodically patrols your website and reports any detected malware, hacker activity, and security vulnerabilities, including file permission — with clear instructions on how to fix each issue. This is important: Clear instructions on how to fix them – which even a layman will be able to follow!

Features that make Website Defender unique:

  1. It will notify you, as soon as one of your website’s file properties have changed and, will also highlight these changes.
  2. It notifies you immediately about any threats that target your website or blog
  3. It checks if your site is blacklisted by any Internet search engine, such as Google
  4. It continuously looks for new security weaknesses on your site
  5. It checks if there is any under the hood hacking activity on your website.

WebsiteDefender is also the only online website security service which provides specific security checks for WordPress, such as:

  1. Check if plug-ins are safe
  2. Check if the database is protected
  3. WP installation is secure.
  4. Fire permissions are secure, etc.

The service is free for one website or blog per user. If you have additional websites, you will be required to pay.

Secure WordPress Blog

For WordPress users, things become very easy! Simply download and install the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin. This plugin was developed, after the company took over the two most popular WordPress security plugins: WP Security Scan and Secure WordPress, WebsiteDefender developed the WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin, which brings together the best features from the other two plugins into a new and more capable tool to help you secure your WordPress website or blog, with minimum effort.

If you use WordPress, you might want to have a look at some more Security Tips to protect WordPress blog.

If you are a blogger, I would strongly recommend that you consider using this free service or installing its WordPress plugin to secure your blogs.

I would be happy if it even included a TimThumb scanner, in its future versions. Currently we have separately installed the Timthumb Vulnerability scanner WordPress plugin which ensures that your Timthumb files are always up-to-date. The Timthumb files are often hacked to gain access to your WordPress installation. EDIT: I stand corrected. WebsiteDefender already checks for the TimThumb vulnerability. More on that here.

What methods do you follow to secure your WordPress blogs? We’d love it if you were to share your tips with us!

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