How to secure Siri using an iPhone feature

Siri is a voice commanding system for iPhone 4S that has immense benefits but it has a shortfall too. What’s that? In addition to you, Siri allows access to your phone by any user who does not have access otherwise. This means any Tom, Dick or Harry can activate Siri on your phone just by holding down the Home button. Thankfully, we have a fix for this problem. We can secure Siri with a Passcode Lock.

How to secure Siri?

As already mentioned, Siri can be easily activated by just holding down the Home button so it poses a possible security risk for the data on your phone. And if security threats really worries you then better activate a Passcode Lock for your iPhone.

What is a Passcode Lock?

Passcode Lock is a feature that comes included in iPhones and allows you to add an extra layer of security to your phone. The feature enables you to enter a 4-digit password that must be used to gain access to your iPhone and its data.

Highlights of the Passcode Lock feature:

  1. Passcode lock when enabled gives only 10 chances to enter the correct code, but this doesn’t mean any stealer can try 10 different codes in a row.  After six incorrect attempts, the stealer will have to wait for one minute before he tries again.
  2. If he fails in the seventh attempt, he will be required to further wait for 5 minutes before trying again.
  3. This continues and the time limit for each successive attempt increases.  After 10 incorrect attempts, the device does not allow the stealer to  guess and try the password again

How to enable the Passcode Lock feature?

  • Launch the Settings option from your phone
  • Then, tap the General tab.
  • Next, tap the Passcode Lock tab.
  • If you have not enabled a Passcode, tap Turn Passcode On and set your code. Choose the pass code wisely. It should be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess, as I always say.
  • If security matters to you more than convenience, I suggest you to turn the switch next to Siri to the OFF position. This will not allow Siri to be activated when the phone is locked with a Passcode.

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