How to Share YouTube videos on Facebook

share youtube videos to facebook

YouTube has a large collection of videos and it may make you surprise, for each and every minute 48 hours videos are uploaded into Youtube. Facebook is the another social network where everything about is shared and you can share your favorite Youtube videos too on Facebook. There are three methods as per my knowledge how you can share YouTube videos to your Facebook wall.

Share a video from the YouTube video page to Facebook

If you have watched a video and you want to share it on Facebook, at the bottom of the video’s flash player look for the share button and hit it.

share youtube videos to facebook

Look for the Facebook icon from the list of different social network icons to share it with Facebook.

share videos to facebook2


A window popups if you have already not logged into the Facebook login then hit the share button at the bottom of the window.

share videos to facebook3


Share YouTube Videos with Facebook applications For sharing YouTube videos

There are different Facebook applications which functions in a different way from the other Facebook apps. Here are the five Facebook applications which helps to share Youtube videos to Facebook.

YouTube Video Box: With YouTube video box Facebook application you can share your favorite Youtube videos automatically to Facebook profile.

Tube loop: If want to share YouTube videos that you have watched in a specific order, Tubeloop web application helps you to share YouTube videos to Facebook in a specified order that you have created with Tubeloop.

zuPort: This is Facebook application which automatically shares your uploaded YouTube videos to Facebook.

I Love Videos: With this Facebook application you can share videos to your profile not only from Youtube but also from Meta Cafe, Daily Motion,Soap Box, Break, Vimeo and all major video sharing web sites.

Facebook Like Button For Chrome

Facebook like button is a chrome extension which shares any webpage, images and videos to your Facebook profile. So, you can share YouTube videos too, to Facebook.


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