5 Simple Gmail Tips to make your Life Easier

5 Simple Gmail tips to make your life easier

People do think of mailing friends, family, teachers, colleagues and other members through many mailing search engines, most common of them is Gmail. It makes you retrieve mails, store and enhance other features which really  make work easier and organized.

There are many tips given below which makes mostly all member use Gmail rather having so many mailing ids. The reason and features which enhance the use of Gmail are as follows:

1: Forward other Email Accounts into Gmail Accounts

Many Users have loads of mail ids, and think which one to provide to company or place or to friend. People even if forward mails or get mails into other accounts, can assemble them, organize them all and transfer them into Gmail accounts into one way to make work easier, even check for the accounts which been marked to enhance its importance.

2: 100 Maximum Conversation in one Page

The page sometimes shows only 10 or 20 mails and for reading other mails, you need to click read older messages below to read and search other older mails.  For this, you can go to options and change it from either 10 or 20 to 100 so that  more mails upto 100 conversations can be read on one page enabling to  make work in a better manner.

3: Turn ON your Gmail Priority Inbox

People who need to organize some of mails which are either unimportant or important can do by switching on Gmail Priority inbox. The Gmail Priority inbox makes the organizing of importance of mails to be read in the first and then the other mails to make work faster and easier. However, the priority will show a blink of starred in left hand corner and depict the importance.

4: Use keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many shortcuts for Gmail to enhance the faster view and works through it. Retrieving mail and sending can be done through the shortcut used through the keyboard. The shortcut for reply is r and for forwarding is f. This shortcut makes it faster work instead of clanking on to the button present.

5: Gmail Labs to Enhance Gmail Functionality

This makes us use our own functions which we want to. We can recommend certain keys to make changes within keyboard shortcuts for Gmail. Even when suddenly or drastically a mail gets send, but I need something more to be  added, we can undo and bring up, add what required and send it after that.

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