5 More Social Networking Sites for geeks

Geeks are knowledgeable persons and obsessive computer enthusiasts. These individuals constitute most advanced netizens, keep trying new things and discover better choices. If you too are a geek and tired of the routine Facebook and MySpace visits check out 5 more social networking sites.


Quora is a question-and-answer website created, edited and organized by its community of users. It is a kind of a wiki for Questions-Answers! It has a really active user group and you get rewards for answering questions. Remember Yahoo Answers? It is much more than that! You can upvote or downvote answers and can link your Facebook account too! Check it out today!


If there is a gamer inside you, the site is worth giving a try! It lets everyone know what you’re playing and you can view what your friends are up to?. Plan matches, compare scores… There is little you can’t do on this gaming obsessed social network!


Shuzak is a social network exclusively for geeks. On it you gain Karma for deeds you do and others like! It shows how popular you are! You can chat, showcase your talent and publish articles, papers, artwork etc. Although the idea is good but it isn’t actually very popular!


GetGlue is for the more multimedia oriented geeks who love to watch movies, groove to music. After checking-in, users get a chance to receive points, earn virtual stickers, receive recommendations, and can earn discounts from entertainment companies. Once a month, users can request to get real versions of the stickers they earn online mailed to them for no cost. It is a really entertaining social network! Try it out today!


This one is quite popular among mobile users. After installing an app on your phone, you can check in at places like restaurants, multiplexes, gaming shops etc. and write reviews about them for others to read. It uses GPS technology for this. Its a great way letting all friends know where you have been and how was the experience.

Hurry up! Get an account on these five networks.

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