Ten Creative Ideas For Instagram Reels To Boost Brand Engagement

Instagram has evolved from a mere photo-sharing platform to an incredible brand growth tool. One’s digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a comprehensive part of Instagram. You must have seen those trendy reels all over Instagram. And, if you are wondering about ways to incorporate such videos into your social media calendars, you are on the correct path.

Reels are short 15-30 seconds videos dubbed with music and audio. They are similar to TikTok and drive insane engagement. Reels tend to go viral with their catchy effects; Moreover, even Instagram recommends making reels to drive your brand growth. There’s no question whether or not you should start making reels. You definitely should, and through this article, we are sharing ten actionable tips to start using Instagram reels for your brand.

  • Reels to tell your brand story

The best way to connect with your audience is through storytelling. Tell them about your unique story and allow them to form a meaningful relationship with you. Don’t make pushy sales through such videos. Instead, make it genuine with a human touch. While playing with storytelling, you want to be as raw as possible.

People tend to connect easily with imperfect human editions. You can even be artistic and creative while telling your story in unique ways. Your reel would make stellar impressions when created with a mix of background music and smooth integrations. Head to Instagram reels maker to make the process an easier one for you. 

  • Reels to share your creative process

You can interest people in your brand by connecting them with reels. Give them an insight into your creative processes. Most of the leading brands on Instagram are related to artistic and creative activities. Show them the making of a garment, raisin art, an artistic cake, or a recipe, whichever suits your business

The idea is to show them intricate details of your work, thereby empowering them to understand your brand stand in the market. Shoot a short video, add relevant music or audio, and edit it for artistic flair. Upload it and give a boost to your feed. 

  • Reel to give BTS

Behind the scenes are always engaging. Allowing people to have an inner eye on your brand will connect them with your holistic and fundamental values. Moreover, you don’t need to be perfect in the BTS. Keep it raw and allow people to find laughter and perfection in imperfect unedited moments. Some of the most prominent BTS footage across Instagram is a cooking video, a blooper of a shoot, BTS of what goes behind a runway, and BTS of a perfect travel shot you captured. Well, the idea is to get creative without any boundaries. So, capture your videos in good lighting, edit them to add fun and enticing element, and create a reel of them. 

  • Reel to offer exclusive discounts

Everyone loves discounts. Hence, we have figured out that offering exclusive discounts is the best way to gain engagement. Make use of reels to announce special discounts and new product sales. Offer exclusive offers at the end of the reel and make your viewers feel valued for time. You can use Instagram Story Template to make an attractive offer for your loyal followers. You can create a reel offering great discounts and let people put it in their story as a marketing gimmick. 

Link the products to the video if your account is set for Instagram shopping. You can Instagram Reels templates for making attractive sales or product-related reels easily as they are pre-made and easy to edit. You can make exciting videos in about 15 minutes and share those on your Instagram feed. Discount and offer reels allow you to tap into an untapped market and see an immediate increase in your sales

  • Reel to introduce your teams

Your team forms the backbone of your brand, and people are interested to see the cool nerds driving your brand. Instead of posting pictures with detailed descriptions of team members, post a reel. Find a creative way to introduce your team members through animated figures, caricatures, or fun introductions. 

Further, you can bring your team members on board for fun sessions like; what they would pick from your store or what they will recommend for a change. Such raw and insightful videos gain solid engagement and create a stellar brand impression. 

  • Reels to announce giveaways

Successful marketing strategies always include a giveaway. Remodify the way you have been announcing giveaways. Instead of posting a picture, keep a reel. Shoot a video of products you will be giving away, add fun templates, audio and integrations to it, and you have a giveaway reel ready. The benefits of posting such reels range from increased reach to a boost in engagement and enhanced participation. So, next time you post a giveaway, prepare a reel for it. 

  • Reels to display your products

Videos are far more powerful than pictures, especially while selling digitally. Shoot a product video from different angles and lighting, with close-ups and far shots to give detailed insight into your products. Products that tend to have product videos tend to convert faster than casual images. 57% of online consumers prefer buying a product after watching a video. So what are you waiting for? Make use of the Instagram reels maker and start making your product videos. 

  • Reels to educate the viewers

Don’t be a salesperson on Instagram. Focus on being helpful to the viewers, and the sales would drive themselves. Use Instagram as a platform to educate the viewers about Industrial knowledge and easy cool hacks. You don’t need to spend hours creating such videos. Use Instagram reel templates and create stunning videos in 15 minutes. However, these short videos will create a distinctive brand image for you. 

  • Reels to offer product demonstration

Just like product videos, product demonstrations are equally important. A demonstration video shows easy ways to use your complicated product. If the product is simple to use, use reels to show cool hacks and features of your products. Be quirky and creative to make the video engaging instead of monotonous. 

  • Reels to strike happiness

Stop thinking too much from a profit point of view. Let your Instagram Feed be people’s source of entertainment or happiness. Post something beautiful, enriching, and something that would brighten up your viewers’ days. Strike happiness through beautiful, aesthetic reels. 

All in all, be creative with your reels. Don’t be bounded by certain specific ideas. Use your brand’s feed to engage viewers, drive sales and boost overall engagement.

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