TextEdit: Free text editor and word processor for Mac OS X

Word prcessing software on Mac are abundantly available. But Mac OSX’s TextEdit is our favourite, due to its numerous features, the easy to use interface and of course the free price tag.


  • Compact and easy to use interface.
  • Numerous tools for text formatting.
  • Attach files to your documents
  • Automatically saves your work.
  • Easily make PDFs

TextEdit is a word processing software capable of typing any kind of document, let it be stories, memos or biographies etc. By default it saves you work in RTF (rich text format) which is supported by almost every type of word processing software but you also have the choice to get your work done in PDF.

What would make it your favourite is the new set of features that would relieve down your life a bit. The Mac OS X 10.6 saves your work so that you don’t lose at mishaps such as crash etc. And Mac OS X 10.7 would ease down your life a bit more, it would save multiple copies of your documents so that you can relapse to the older versions of the documents. Also, if you quit TextEdit it will bear in mind the work from last time so that you don’t have to reopen things again. Overall, it will help you focus on writing only.

What would dissapoint you is the unavailability of complex features in TextEdit, which are just a matter of preference. If you want to perform operations like inserting tables, graphs etc. then TextEdit may be helpless. You may have to find a new Word Processing software for which you may also have to shell out some bucks.

If bucks aren’t a issue then you can get Microsoft Word for $209 or more and as you all know it has turned king in word processing softwares. It may handle any kind of chore that you expect to do.

But if typing is the thing you want to do, TextEdit   is the best available with some excellent features and free price label.

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