Three Tips To Find The Best Videographer in Melbourne

The videography industry is flourishing in Melbourne, Australia. Hundreds of events happen every day in the city, so videographers are in huge demand. They cover many events, such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, promoting your brand, recording product videos, etc.

Like other creative pursuits, videography contains a lot of doodles, but it’s not something everyone does well. When it comes to capturing high-quality videos of your next event, a professional videographer will be well worth the investment.

You might have searched for the top 10 videographers in Melbourne, but do you know how to choose one among them? Getting a videographer for the first time can be nerve-wracking. But, don’t worry! This guide will help you make your decision.

Choose professionalism over price, always

Nearly a thousand weddings happened in Melbourne in the year 2021. With so many wedding celebrations happening in the city alone, videographers are in huge demand.

Even if someone is willing to do it for less, don’t be fooled by a low price – it might not be the real deal. The basic charges for a video shoot in Melbourne start from $1000. So, if you find a videographer who offers to do it for $600, you must be careful. He is most likely an amateur or a fraud.

Always hire a professional videographer so that you aren’t stuck looking for a Plan B at the last minute. So, take a look at their website, read reviews, and find out what previous customers have to say.

Quality is the most important

The quality of your video should be your top priority. A high-quality video comes from top-quality equipment and production techniques. Therefore, you must ask them for a portfolio or sample of their work and judge it yourself. Videos will also show you if they have good post-production skills or not, and this will be crucial in ensuring that your video is presentable.

Some videographers follow the same storyline throughout their career, meaning their videos are not too unique. Remember, if you want something extraordinary, you must be willing to spend that little bit extra on it.

While looking at the top 10 videographers in Melbourne, check out their previous videography work. Visit their website or social media. Don’t judge anyone by their trailer or demo reel alone. A short demo video may be impressive; however, their actual work may be vastly different, so you must definitely look at their samples before making your decision.

Find your style

Most people are unfamiliar with videographers’ or production companies’ interviewing and hiring processes. That is why it is essential to find your style first to help you select what kind of videographer you want to hire.

Looking up ‘top 10 videographers in Melbourne’ is useless if you don’t know what you want. How do you envision the final product – a short film or full-length feature film? Do you prefer a documentary or cinematic style? How will you share it with others – download or thumb drive?

Discover an aesthetic that you like by watching videos online. Would you prefer ethereal trends or more dark and moody ones? Do you want your wedding video to focus solely on the two of you, or would you prefer to be able to enjoy the entire celebration? Collect samples, and make sure your videographer can fulfil all your requirements.


People generally take their friends’ suggestions or simply search on Google when it comes to looking for videographers. Refer to the top three search results, as they are the highest-rated and generally the best in the locality.

Don’t be afraid to be picky and demanding. It’s important to let the videographer know exactly what you expect from them, and make sure they have the skills and ability to deliver that.

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