Tonor T-777 microphone review – Best microphone under $40

Many of us want to start our own new vlog or stream games on our Twitch channel, however, don’t have the budget to invest in a high-end microphone and a stand. That said, the new Tonor T-777 USB Microphone might just be the device you’re looking for. Priced at $39.99, it’s an entry-level microphone. It’s tailor-made to get started with your new streaming project, without burning a hole in your bank account. The mid-size condenser microphone connects to any system compatible with a USB mic. Let’s check out the TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser Microphone in this review.

Build & Design

The TC-T777 sports a simple design with a cobalt blue finish and silver accent line running around it. The grill is black and the TONOR logo in white is visible across the front. There are no controls or buttons on the mic apart from the attached USB running out of the bottom. The TC-777 is a small and lightweight microphone with a plastic body and metal grille. Most of the body is made out of plastic which makes it so lightweight. However, it still manages to look sharp and premium despite the use of plastic.

Setup and Performance

Setup was a breeze as you don’t need to install any special drivers or software. All I had to do was plug the USB into my Windows 10 laptop and the microphone is ready to use instantly without any problems. I used the TC-777 for gaming while playing Dota 2, and even for personal calls using Discord. I also used it for conference calls and everyone I spoke with had no problems hearing or understanding. They said that the audio was clear and there were no problems with background noise.

The microphone uses a cardioid pickup pattern, which means it captures audio from the front better than the back. Now, this turns out to be favorable as most of us often speak directly to the microphone, which makes our voice clear while reducing background noises such as keyboard or mouse clicks.

Not to mention, the TC-777 is a condenser microphone which makes it quite sensitive. While it’s great for recording subtle and delicate sounds, I could also hear a buzzing sound in the background. The buzzing became even more noticeable when I turned up the volume, though I could solve this issue by using noise-reducing tools.

All in all, the audio quality of the Tonor T-777 is surprisingly good, especially considering the price point. Sure, there are better sounding mics out there such as Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball, but given the TC-777’s modest $40 price tag, the audio quality is as good as it gets.


  • Economically priced
  • Great set of accessories included
  • Impressive sound quality for the price


  • Not suitable for professional sound or music recording

Wrap Up

If you’re an aspiring streamer who wants to get started with your own YouTube or a Twitch channel, the Tonor’s TC-777 microphone will perfectly suit your needs, without burning a gaping hole in your bank account. Priced at a modest $40, it offers impressive audio quality for the price, which sounds much better than the in-built microphone of your laptop or headphone. Besides, the TC-777’s sound quality can also be compared to the more expensive microphones available in the market. The sound quality for the price is amazing, making it great for podcasters and vloggers looking to get started, without spending a lot of money.