Top 10 Sample Code Websites for Programmers

Sample Code Websites for Programmers

It’s not always required for programmers to start from scratch while working on any new project. Re-coding some components and tweaking specific functions would accelerate project development. Many IT companies have their library which they use in all their projects. In this post, we will share  Sample Code Websites for Programmers.

Such programs; or sample codes are most useful to students learning web designing. These sample codes are available for free at certain websites and forums listed below

Top 10 Sample Code Websites for Programmers

Sample Code Websites for Programmers


It is undoubtedly the most popular programming website on the internet. has millions of users that actively contribute to its extensive sample code database. All users can access the content of the site for free. Programmers can even post their software in their development section.

2. Google Code

The Internet giant has made thousands of codes and useful APIs for free on their forum. Google Code also features a user forum where users can learn about new technologies from Google employees and other geeks.

3.  Programmer’s Heaven

The website is heaven for programmers and learners. It is a community housing different forums that discuss technical aspects of different programming languages. They also incorporate exciting new developments such as Cloud Computing. Rising programmers will get plenty of knowledge from this website.

4. DevX

If you’re wondering where you can learn from the best about application development, DevX is the place to start. The website is the Mecca of open source codes and other useful articles regarding software development. It is highly unlikely that you will have to look at any other site for the programming code you’re searching after you try DevX.

5. Black Duck Koders is the right place If you’re looking for a free, open-source search engine. It features a massive database of sample codes in several programming languages that you can use.

6. The Code Project

Even if The Code Project is not as famous as other well-known coding websites, it is overgrowing in some members, and you can find well-explanatory sample codes at their forum that you can use.

7. Krugle

Krugle is a leading code search and maintenance engine that offers corporate as well as free service to programmers and organizations. You can also find technical info and projects, apart from open source codes on their website.

8. CodeGuru

If you’re not interested in getting codes in languages other than Visual C++/.NET/C#/VB and C++, you should try CodeGuru. The site focuses only on indeed popular programming languages and features technical articles that comprehensively describe sample codes written for various purposes.

9. Code Fetch

It is a straightforward code search engine which features a comprehensive database of programs written in multiple programming languages. Apart from finding sample codes, you could also read their forums and gain useful knowledge about using APIs and other exciting topics such as link embedding.

10. DevArticles

It is a comprehensive directory featuring great quality technical articles as well as free sample codes. You can find developer-written software for platforms such as mobile Linux and Flash on DevArticles.

With these top 10 popular sites, it is possible for any novice to master programming skills. I am sure if you follow them, you will become a reliable and skilled programmer. Is your favorite website listed here? Do share with us in the comments.

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