Top 4 Online Dating Services

Earlier, one had to dress up best to impress and spend hundreds of dollars for a single date which sometimes went nowhere. However, now, with just a single personal computer and an Internet connection, you can start a new relationship. If you do not want to be in a relationship, just settle for an offline fling. Read about these top 4 online dating services, they may help you search for a compatible partner or romance online so that you can delete your benaughty account.

Top 4 Online Dating Services:


This appears to be an interesting online dating service as it tries to match individuals who are looking for long-term relationships. The website features facial analysis software that analyzes thousand facial features and renders a compatibility score between two people. It believes picture says more than a thousand words and hence this.

To get a compatibility score, an individual must become member of the site. Once done, user now a members can upload a photo and start clicking on other people’s photos to get an instant compatibility rating.

To check if your flirting skills are good enough you can check out Soul2Match Flirt Wall.  If found unsatisfactory, peruse information of other members that might help you and when all goes well, take your flirting to the next level by visiting the Match Wall.


HowAboutWe offers a unique way of finding you dates. You choose your date and complete the phrase ‘How about we dot, dot, dot’. The online dating service then sends the dates you post to people who might like them. An individual’s HowAboutWe posts (the phrase you are required to complete) by far, becomes the most revealing and intriguing part of his profile, creating an ultimate digital first impression.

You can later check out those people’s profiles, message, and go out. It’s fun, easy and natural. The website’s ‘Speed Date’ and ‘Daily Date’ features help in finding peo­ple that may have some­thing in com­mon with you and interact with other like-​​minded singles. HowAboutWe is now available as a mobile app. It even includes a button to log in via Facebook.


SAM (abbreviated form) is a location aware mobile dating app for the iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphones. It helps you search where available singles are located. The application’s powerful Geo-location feature, aka ‘SAM’ search plots your location with singles around you on a geographical Google map.

The application lets you control the distance (Destination Search option that allows you to view matching singles at a location of your choice, in real time) and set results to match your desired profile. Once found, you can view person’s picture and profile, add him/her to hot list and send winks and messages to begin flirting.


Clique is a dating website that connects friends of friends. Your friends can recommend someone for you to date. Friends who recommend dates for other friends are called “wingmen”. The website allows only those members who have been invited by people they know.

The online dating service makes online dating easier by keeping the degree of separation minimal. The person interested in dating can only connect with other person if he/she is just two degrees away from a friend or within it. This makes the online dating service look more familiar and comfortable.

So, check out these 4 online dating services and initiate contact and express how you feel about the person you meet or see online.

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