Top 8 the Worst Countries For Professional Players

Gambling has become a universal activity among young and old. The different users inevitably mean that the intent of venturing into gambling on any casino game differs from one individual to the other. Some individuals see gambling as entertainment while others regard it as a source of income. There are many countries where gambling is least favourable to players.

How to Determine the Worst Country for Gambling?

Gamblers’ attitudes or the high expectations that gamblers have for their game have made gambling the worst in some countries. Aside from players’ excessive desire, especially those who want to make a living from gambling, some factors are attached to a country being worst for gamblers. Farther, we are going to discuss all the factors that should be taken into account while determining the less gambling-friendly countries, among them:

  • Gambling law;
  • The inability to use promotions;
  • Problem gambling;
  • Social vices.

Gambling Law

The gambling regulatory body of each country has a law that differs from one to another, and some gambling law is so stringent that it does not allow players to gamble in casinos. In countries like these, professional gamblers find it difficult to gamble in comfort, except they leave the shores of their land for another place where gambling law is flexible for players. Let’s see what countries are illegal and what kind of punishment the violator may expect:

Illegal CountryThe Punishment for Gambling
United Arab EmiratesPeople who gamble in this country should be aware of the possible sentence of up to two years in jail and/or a fine of 20,000Dhs
North KoreaThe person may be imprisoned for gambling in North Korea, the sentence depends on the separate occasion.
QatarHere ut is possible to get imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months and a fine not exceeding three thousand Qatari Riyals (QR 3.000)
CambodiaHere the sentence for gambling is not provided, however fine from ten thousand (10,000) Riels to fifty thousand (50,000) is still possible to get.

The Inability to Use Promotions

Due to different advanced technologies nowadays, everyone may find access to casino sites even if the country the man lives in, makes gambling illegal. However, finding access to the casino sites is not enough, being a resident of the restricted country the man can’t enjoy bonuses and promotions offered there. For example, the man can find no deposit bonuses New Zealand, that offer their visitors free spins and/or cash bonuses with no deposit required, but if the person is not allowed to play on the site, he can’t apply to any of this bonus. It usually makes people stressed, frustrated and uncomfortable in their own country

Problem Gambling

What makes some countries worse in gambling is players’ attitudes toward games that have developed beyond control. These gambling behaviours have resulted in many emotional problems like guilt, anxiety, stress, impatience, anger, etc. This behaviour among greedy gamblers negatively impacts professional gamblers, society, and the country. Some gamblers face gambling problems that may even lead them to commit crimes. Some of the gambling problems are underage gambling. If you are under the age of 18 in some countries or 21 as others may have it, it is prohibited to gamble, which has led to aggravation among adolescents causing gambling problems.

Social Vices

Some countries that legalized gambling for their citizens face lots of social menace among unprofessional gamblers, such as financial crises that result in reduced savings and reductions in spending money. These social vices of unprofessional gamblers who can’t control their gambling lifestyle also affect their relationship by neglecting the people that matter to them. All of these have an impact on professional gamblers and society at large. As a result of advances in technologies, the rate of addiction to gambling is increasing. Players through Internet-connected devices can access different casino sites at any time. This has a toll on professionals as the regulatory body will become strict in the gambling law, limiting the level they can engage in gambling activities.

Top 8 Worst Gambling Countries

Many people believe that the United States is the largest country with many gamblers playing free or real-money slot games due to the popular name in the United States, Las Vegas, that is associated with casino games. But there are other countries with gambling citizens outnumbered the united states. And some of these countries have gambling activities that make them the worst countries for professional gamblers to wager. Let’s take a quick look at some of these top 8 worst countries in gambling.


This country is seen as the highest country with many gambling activities with slots and poker at the peak. This might seem unbelievable, but it is as an adult in Australia is estimated to be losing nothing less than $1,120 on average to gambling. Due to its impact on the citizens, Australia’s central bank increased the interest rates to mitigate the gambling vices, but this has little to no changes in the gambling activities in the country. The federal government took further action in curbing it by banning gamblers of more than 935 from gambling, but these people were still caught in the act of gambling.


Gambling in this country started some years back, and within a short time, it boomed to be among the top gambling countries in the world. The rate at which it was gaining a stand in the country was alarming, with an average loss of $1174 for an adult. And this led to some regulations placed on gambling, such as imposing entry fees on casinos. Families are also given the privilege of restricting their members from gambling through the “Family Execution Orders.”


This is also one of the top gambling countries in the world. There is no proper regulation on gambling except for the legislation that allows registered members’ clubs to provide casino services in Ireland. The currency of the country is not accepted as legal tender for gambling. On average, game players are recorded to lose $588, which has drawn the government’s attention


One might be surprised to see Canada making the list of the country with top gambling activities. In Canada, more than three-quarters of eligible gamers are into gambling. The rate at which gambling is prevalent in Canada is so intense that children below the gambling age are given gambling tickets as gifts. To curb the excesses of gamers, the government banned giving lottery tickets as gifts to children. About $578 on average is being lost by individuals to gambling in Canada.


Gambling is grounded in Finland to the point that children also engage in the activities when the gambling age was 15 before regulating and changed it to 18 years. Every week, the total percent of eligible gamers who gamble on games is over 41%. To put an end to gambling among children, the gambling law of Finland was regulated. However, the government also runs a gambling company controlled by the ministry of education. About $553 on average is being lost by individual gamers. The government seems to find ways to control gambling addictions.


This country is one of those that has made gambling history. The game of baccarat was invented in this nation. In the whole of Europe, Italy was the first government-sanctioned casino. After some years, the casino was banned and closed to regulate gamblers’ behaviour and ensure that the nation was disciplined. In Italy, gamblers lose not less than $517 to gambling, which is worrisome.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, casinos are illegal to operate. However, the law that hinders gambling in Hong Kong does not extend to Macau, an hour journey from Hong Kong by boat. As a result, a larger population of Hong Kong citizens travels to Macau to gamble in casinos. Most people into gambling have gambling disorders, and about 1040 students were introduced to gambling by their parents.


About 88% of their citizens are lifetime gamblers who engage in football betting, slot machines, scratch cards, and lotto in this country. It is estimated that about $448 on average is lost into gambling by citizens of Norway. Most of those who engage in gambling are reported to have an addiction. The government took measures by limiting the number of slot machines from 22,700 to 10,000. But this does not affect online gambling in Norway. The government has also moved to filter online gambling operations and reduce gambling.


Not many people make a fortune from gambling, and those who have never made a lot from it tend to have uncoordinated attitudes towards the activity. It is not advisable to take gambling to generate income or investment. It should be seen as an activity of entertainment. With this, you can play for free without developing gaming problems. Professional gamblers that know their limit and can caution themselves in gambling are mostly affected by the steps taken by the government towards gambling in curbing the excesses of citizens.

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