Tutorial: Add custom code to your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook isn’t just about chatting, gossips, status updates etc. Pages on Facebook are a nice way to advertise and spread knowledge! Here’s graphical tutorial to show how you can make a page snazzier than ever. For this you just need a page and common sense. Lets get going.

First log on to Facebook and go to this link.

Then click on the Add To My Page link in the left and select your page. There’s a button Add To Page. Click on it!

After clicking on that button, go to your page. You’ll find a new button named FBML there.

Click on Edit Page on Top Right. This will open up the page settings.

Click on the Apps tab on the left to open Apps Settings Page. Scroll down to find your application, named Static FBML there. I had named it Share!

Click on the Go To App button below it to open the Application Settings Page.

Almost Done, now paste the HTML code onto the FBML field. For FB buttons, you can copy FBML from this page. You can also rename the Application. After the editing is done, save the changes and view the final result.
Congratulations, you’ve successfully embedded Code into your Page!

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