Tweak your Ubuntu system with Ubuntu Tweak

There aren’t many system tweakers for Ubuntu Linux operating sustem, but Ubuntu Tweak is a powerful tool to tweak Ubuntu. It can change settings, make easy for the beginners to install apps and also can clean unnecessary files on your system.


  • View basic system information
  • Tweak some basic things the way Ubuntu handles like Logout, Restart and etc.
  • Choose the programs to auto start.
  • Install apps quickly without much of headache
  • Cleans unnecessary files

Ubuntu tweak makes it really easy to fix some things on Ubuntu, you can tweak the things the way you want them. Its ease of use makes it better than terminal and also you can browse through its menus to see if there is any tweak that haven’t popped in your mind.

As mentioned earlier, installing apps is super easy. It also contains some apps that aren’t available in software center and it also has got some superb system cleaning features. Overall, excellent tool for beginners who don’t want to get their hands dirty in terminal and fix some few annoyances.

What would disappoint Mint or Fedora users is its availability only on Ubuntu. If you are using it, you’ll have to turn to command line for certain tweaks and if you have installed Ubuntu for the sake of learning then then its ease of use may hamper your learning Linux.

Ailurus, a program launched a year ago, really went neck to neck with Ubuntu tweak because of its availability on several platforms. But it was restricted recently. So, if you are running the latest versions, it may not work on your system.

If you really want to tweak your Linux system, then Command Line is the best tweaker. It can tweak anything on you system, the matter is if you know how to use it.

So, if you are beginner on Linux don’t be scared to using Command Line while other system tweaking apps may dishearten you. It may also enhance your learning experience on Linux.

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