Why choose a proctored system? Is it effective?


There are many educational institutions and corporate organizations out there that are providing excellent services. If you too are running an organization or an institution; you must use the advanced ways of examining your people. Being a businessman especially, you must be careful about the talent you have in your organization. You cannot have any candidates as your employees. The growth and productivity of your organization rely only on your staff members and their abilities.

What you can do is you can use a web proctored exam and it can be really helpful for you. These are the tests that are increasing at a fast pace. In the educational community, these tests are the finest practice. When a candidate goes for a test under the observation of a proctor, it has many advantages. These are the proctored tests that validate the honesty of the entire record of the candidate. The point is clear, the working setups are extremely complex these days that organizations look for diverse tools. There are so many techniques out there that get used to making sure that your organization works in an effective and smooth manner. These tests would make exam administration and test-taking absolutely convenient and easy. Companies and educational institutions around the globe take benefit from using proctor tests.


It is a time-saving tool

Most of the times it gets challenging for an employee or student to take out the time to go to a testing place. In the domain of proctor test, test takers can safely complete their test easily and effectively and that too where they wish, when they wish. Such a thing does not simply save a lot of effort but a lot of time as well. The business saves time by conveniently creating & managing tests, supervising the results, exporting reports, and much more with a single tap.

Save pennies

Both organizations and educational institutions are capable of easily administer tests using proctor tests that are a secure system that too in the absence of having to decide of staff, a physical location, or even that of test-taking equipment. Certainly, there is no need to decide on the staff or any sort of equipment. Organizations save uncountable hours of lost output by evading disrupted employee schedules to house the exams. With the ability to take the test at home or at their desk, staff members are in a position to get back to work quicker. Certainly, when the tests can be taken from anywhere and the employers can carry out them at any time and from their residence too; there can be nothing more convenient and effective than proctor tests.

Fascinating perks of a proctoring system for administrators and test-takers

There are some swift perks for administrators, and these are like:

  • Easy test creation
  • No staffing a physical location
  • Results and testing records automatically stored
  • Configurable tests and reporting options
  • No loss in productivity
  • Manifold levels of security

Perks for test-takers are like:

  • Instant results for most tests
  • Create a testing record that serves as a scoring reference
  • No driving to a test location
  • Convenient registration
  • Test where you want, when you want
  • Customer support

Certainly, these are the things that are no less than a massive pain when it comes to tests. In case you go for physical, face to face tests in your organization campus; it is going to be really time eating, boring, and costly too. But with the assistance of the proctoring system, things can turn out to be effective and beneficial.

Seek talent from different places

Once you conduct a test on your campus, most of the applicants who visit for the test are of your region or city only. It restricts you to the talent that is available in your city or area. But when you do carry out online tests, you can make sure that you are getting to know about the talent that is beyond the boundaries of cities, boundaries, and places. You would be in a position to evaluate the candidates who are there in other corners of the world. In this manner, you can make sure that those candidates appear in the exam.

In case you wish to make sure that more and more candidates take a test for the job roles then you have to bring ease and convenience for them. Once you introduce the idea of proctoring in your tests; you can be sure that the candidates readily take the exam for your organization. Online proctoring is going to eliminate any sort of traveling or time constraints.

There are diverse kinds of proctoring facilities that can be apt for your business. Have a look below:

Recorded proctoring

There are setups in which the candidates take the test from their respective place provided they have a webcam, proper computer, mike, latest web browser, and their identity proof.  In such a test, the whole duration of the test gets recorded and the proctors or professionals go through the feeds or recording quickly by fast-forwarding. In this manner there remain no issues of cheating. If there is any kind of doubt or suspicion about the actions of the test taker the qualified professionals or proctors evaluating the recording can dismiss the test or ban it. In this way, these tests can be carried out in the most effective, genuine, and specialized manner.

Live proctoring capacity

There is a concept of the live proctoring facility too. In this system, the candidate must leave his or her webcam open, mike on, and different other applications or software. In this way, the proctor keeps an eye on the monitor and ensure that every minute of the test gets examined by him. He oversees the test throughout and hence there remains no space for any type of cheating. Moreover, in some of the instances, there are features in the proctoring system that ensure that the candidate taking the test must fil a specific code or key combination before the test starts so as to log in. The code is catered by the proctor. Certainly, this type of proctoring system is effective, expert, and genuine but it is equally true that the system might be a little luxurious and there would be a need for human presence in any case.


So, you must use proctoring software for the next recruitment procedure or drive in your organization. It is time that you bring the best talent under your roof with smart techniques and methods.