YouTube Music: Is it worth paying? Comparison with other services, All you need to know

Youtube Music

Largest video streaming platform Youtube starts rolling out its latest service for music streaming, Youtube Music in many countries. Currently, Spotify and Apple Music are the top leading music streaming platforms in the industry. So, is it worth opting for the new Youtube’s premium Music service instead of the other popular platforms? Here is our initial YouTube Music review price comparison with other services.

An Introduction to Youtube Music

Youtube’s parent organization Alphabets Inc. already runs the Google Play Music service, which lags behind many other streaming platforms. So, the company came up with the idea to integrate the online music streaming to an entirely new platform – Youtube Music. But the latter will not be a substitute to the former; the Google Play Music will remain as is.

Being a video platform, Youtube has almost every song and playlists available as video contents. So, the Google’s new aim towards moving Music only to a new platform is a smart move. With the Youtube Red subscription feature, Google did let everyone access the ad-free contents and even play music without the video content. Coming to the new Youtube Music, it completely showcases a platform that enables you to stream every music available on the Youtube.

Aside from the original soundtracks and stock songs, there will be a separate listing for the unofficial and cover versions of songs. With the Google’s AI-powered Search engine method, it can show the smart list of songs and playlists when you search them. Also, the suggestions section might be much interesting than on any other platforms.

YouTube Music review price comparison with other services.

Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Youtube Music

Apple Music and Spotify have most numbers of users among music streaming services, with millions of song tracks, albums and playlists included. So, it would be difficult to compare the newest Youtube Music with these two. As per the current information, the Apple Music possesses over 45 Million music tracks including the podcasts. ON the other hand,  Spotify with over 35 Million. When it comes to the Youtube Music, we cannot predict the number of songs or tracks it would make available for its users. But, as we know the Youtube’s possibilities of screening the music videos, the YT Music will rock with its badass library.

Concerning the pricing, all three has almost similar price tags. The Youtube Music is available to subscribe from USD 9.99 per month. On other two, you can get the individual plans for the same price. Also, a family plan is available at $14.99. Similar to the Spotify, Youtube Music has an ad-supported free service too.

YouTube Music review price comparison with other services

Youtube Music is only another music streaming platform on the floor. If you are addicted to Apple Music, you really would not like the appearance and the functioning at a glance. But, Spotify users can easily switch to the service. Although, there is a significant chance you get upset while switching.

The app also allows you to switch to the video of the currently playing song, quickly. Well, try the free version and feel the difference in music discovery and suggestions features. As the Google keeps track of everything we do on the internet, even though it is creepy, it can screen better usability and improvements later. The service is currently available only in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States.

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