Android P vs iOS 12 – Differences and Similarities

Android P vs iOS 12

Google and Apple showcased the newest versions of their respective smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. The Google’s latest addition to the popular smartphone operating system is the Android P (Beta). On the other hand, Apple several days ago announced the iOS 12. It offers significant upgrades on the visual phase and functionalities. However, the company already announced the included features. In this post, we look at Android P vs iOS 12 differences and similarities.

Android P vs iOS 12 Differences and Similarities

Both the companies implemented the installment of latest operating systems with many unique features. They put forward many similar features, including the digital well-being. Here is the effective contemplation of the similarities and differences between Android P and iOS 12.

Android P vs. iOS 12: What are the differences?

There is a load of phases that the Android P and iOS 12 do not share each other. Let us see who is the winner with more unique features.

Android P

  • Indoor navigation using Wi-Fi RTT.
  • Enhanced app actions.
  • Machine Learning Kit.
  • 157 new emojis.
  • New adaptive brightness and battery.

iOS 12

  • Animoji AR Stickers.
  • Photos app features with predictions, smart sorting and new search/
  • App commands over Siri.
  • Voice memos.
  • FaceTime with up to 32 concurrent callers.

Android P vs. iOS 12: How similar are they?

The two popular Operating System now evolved to the level where they give priority to the users’ wellness and usability experience. Both the operating systems resemble each other in many functionalities. Here are some.

Digital Wellbeing

Google lately announced a new, helpful in-built feature with the Android P – Digital Wellbeing app. The program aimed to reduce the smartphone addiction and keep users focused on the life. The app provides functions for monitoring your smartphone. It includes usage habit and controlling the usage according to the report. It also supports auto-kill apps after a specific period.

Android P vs iOS 12 Differences and Similarities

Similarly, Apple announced a new app named ‘Screen Time‘. It comes with a similar dashboard to the Google’s one. The feature monitors and shows you the report of your app usage, habit suggestions and average time you spend on apps. Lastly, it reduces the screen-on to minimize addiction.

iOS 12 features for App usage and Digital Statistics

AI Assistants

The artificial intelligence is now a major part of the smartphones. Google Assistant offers much-improved speaking capability and machine learning. Even the company showcased the Google Duplex that can also mimic a human.

Apple offers Siri which comes with AI features, machine learning capabilities. You can also control the device. On iOS 12, it can also make suggestions based on the notifications.

Do Not Disturb

Both the companies revamped Do Not Disturb features with more additions. The Apple added a new option “DND During Bedtime” which will block every notification. You can check them all in the morning. Alternatively, Google introduced the Do Not Disturb. It offers to add of exceptional contacts. So, you can get notifications from selective people only.

Augmented Reality

Apart from the Artifical Intelligence, the Augmented Reality or AR has become a part of smartphones nowadays. Apple provides ARKit 2.0 for the further development of AR tools for iPhones. The Android now has the new ARCore that lets the developers do the same.

Which one are you using? An iPhone or Android smartphone? Share your thoughts about the new additions to the both operating systems.

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