Best Realme 2 Pro Tips and Tricks

Best Realme 2 Pro Tips and Tricks

Chinese company Oppo-owned smartphone brand Realme recently launched the new addition to their second generation of smartphone series. The all-new Realme 2 Pro smartphone is now available in Indian markets through online and selected retailers. If you have already purchased this smartphone, you have to know some more things about the device. This guide talks about the Best Realme 2 Pro Tips and Tricks.

Best Realme 2 Pro Tips and Tricks

The all-new Realme 2 Pro smartphone runs on Oppo’s custom user interface ColourOS based on Android 8.1 Oreo operating system. This custom UI is a fully featured one with many hidden features and useful tricks. However, it comes with several bugs as well. Anyways, check out the best tips and tricks for the device.

Night mode

This is one of the most useful features in every smartphone. It should be available as default for every smartphone nowadays. Because of the high-frequency blue rays, the chances for your eyes get hurt is very high while using smartphones for a long time, especially at night times.

Night mode is available in Realme 2 Pro smartphone and it can be enabled by going to  Settings → Display & Brightness → Night Shield. Just turn this feature on during night times and enjoy your digital contents without hurting your eyes.

Assistive Ball

Realme 2 Pro smartphone has a big screen to make your experience better. However, in most cases, it becomes a headache for you to navigate while using the phone in one hand. Assistive Ball was a very popular feature debut with the iPhone devices. Realme 2 Pro also comes with this feature and it lets you navigate from any corner of the screen with the draggable ball.

You can turn it on by going to settings → Smart & Convenient → Assistive Ball and tap the slider button. You can turn it off using the same slider button.

Navigation Gestures

You are all familiar with the navigation gestures. It was first available with iPhone devices and now it is available on many Android smartphones including Vivo Nex. However, Realme 2 Pro also uses its advantages to make sure you get most out of your screen space.

navigation gestures in RealMe 2 Pro

You can turn on the navigation gestures by going to Settings → Smart & Convenient → Navigation Keys. It can be irritating for some users too. If you need to turn it off, you can use the same setting options.

Screen Off Gestures

Screen off gesture was a very useful feature in the earlier times. It was already available in many smartphone models and it is available in Realme 2 Pro as well. It lets you control your phone even when it is in locked state or screen off state. You just need to draw the letters on the screen.

screen off gestured

  • Double tap to turn the screen on
  • Draw O to start the camera
  • Draw V to open torchlight
  • Music Control: Draw || to pause/play a track, draw < or > to switch the track

The above are the common screen gestures available for Realme 2 Pro smartphone. To enable them, go to Settings → Smart & Convenient → Gesture & Motion → Screen-off Gestures. 

Smart call

As you know, the smart call is a very useful feature and it lets you minimize your efforts while answering the call. It lets you control the device by letting you answer calls automatically when brought near the ear, switching modes during calls and flip to mute the incoming calls.

Realme 2 Pro Tips and Tricks

You can enable this by going to Settings → Smart & Convenient → Gesture & Motion →Smart Call.

These are the top features available for the Realme 2 Pro smartphone. What’s your favorite one on this list?

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