Best TF2 gaming sites that still have users in 2021

The purpose of this description is to provide a quick guide to using the Team Fortress 2 web resources. Valve is constantly developing new games that are rapidly becoming global hits. The same can be said for TF2. Although TF2 betting is still new, we can already fully inform you about Team Fortress 2 competitions, types of bets, and the likelihood of winning. It’s worth noting that players betting in TF2 tournaments can experience the same thrill as when playing free video slots. It should be remembered that bets are accepted only from users 18+. By playing, you are risking your own money, so only bet the amounts that you allow yourself to lose. 

What’s Team Fortress 2 about?

TF2 is a popular free computer game. This is a first-person shooter. There is a battle between 2 teams. The story of the game tells of brothers who are at war with each other and use mercenary teams to destroy enemy equipment. One team is engaged in defense, the other is in the attack. One protects her property, the other tries to destroy it. There are also game modes where you can play “king of the hill” or capture the enemy’s banner.

Characters in Team Fortress 2 are represented by 9 different classes. Each player can choose a character of their choice at any time during the game. The available classes are listed below:

  • scouts;
  • soldiers;
  • arsonists;
  • demolitions;
  • machine gunners;
  • engineers;
  • doctors;
  • spies;
  • snipers.

Team Fortress 2 has a competitive format, but it cannot be used if you do not have a Premium account. This means that up to level three, the format of the game can only be normal. The competition takes place with the participation of 2 teams of 6 players each. The focus is on a limited game mode: attacking, defensive, “king of the hill”, etc.

TF2 competitions are not held as often as before, but there is still a tournament network that is popular among TF2 gambling fans.

Where is TF2 gambling available for betting?

There are not so many annual TF2 events. Therefore, you always need to know exactly where TF2 betting is available. Some of these tournaments include Insomnia Team Fortress 2. Profitable bets are always possible here. Good TF2 gambling is also possible at Copenhagen Games. These competitions are attended by the best players in the world, so the bets promise to be interesting and bring great profits.

  • also offers good TF2 gambling opportunities 3 times a year. It is with this frequency that their Highlander tournaments take place, the prize pool of which exceeds $ 4000.
  • UGC League Gaming is a free tournament for over 10,000 players. Competitions usually take place in the Highlander version of the game.

Although this is a difficult time for TF2 tournaments, there are always opportunities for TF2 betting. We can talk about the OzFortress league (Australia) or the free ETF2L (Europe). Not to mention the popularity of betting on items of equipment among members of gaming teams. Below are the top coin flip and jackpot gambling sites.

Top 5 online resources for TF2 gambling

  1. TF2Easy is a multi-lingual site with a good jackpot and coin flip.
  2. TF2Hunt is an easily accessible website with an intuitive interface and the ability to access via social networks.
  3. Gamdom is not only a betting site but also a virtual casino. It is characterized by a high degree of confidentiality and security.
  4. TF2.Bet provides gamblers with great opportunities for betting on ammunition.
  5. TF2Blaze complements benefits such as coin flip and jackpot with a large number of game modes (Raffle, 30Max, King).


TF2 gambling sites exist to be profitable. Otherwise, they simply would not exist, and this must be clearly understood. The entire TF2 betting system is built on the idea that the casino will always be a winner. Therefore, do not try to get rich on bets and make them a source of your constant income. If you try to do this, you will inevitably fail in the end. If you feel that you are risking an amount of money that is too large for you, then it is better to withdraw funds, even if you really want to take revenge. There is no logic in TF2 gambling, it all depends on randomness. Therefore, the player always takes risks, especially since Valve opposes TF2 betting and prohibits bots.

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