Five Best Free Image Optimization Tools

best free image optimization tools

Image compressing has always been an issue for most webmasters and blogger when their page is been asked by a user on the Internet. Image compressing is also done mostly when we need to save space along with bandwidth during page load time. You can now compress images easily with these best free image optimization tools available online.

Five best free image optimization tools

There are plenty of tools available online, both as aid as well as free services. Here are the best five services that are free to use completely.

Kraken is one of the best, free image optimization tools available online. It has premium plans too. The free version of the service is open to use in the web interface. The company claims that they have one of the best algorithms to compress an image file for the web and other uses. Apart from the image compressing, they also provide APIs for developers and WordPress plugins. There is also a cloud storage facility for PRO members. Here is how you can compress images for free using Kraken.

Kraken Image Optimizer

  • Open > Click on Web Interface.
  • Select the source of images, Optimization mode (lossy/lossless/expert) and the resize dimensions.
  • Drag and drop the images to automatically start compressing images. The superfast algorithm will smush your pictures.


Optimizilla is completely free to use, that can compress your images losslessly. It supports both JEPG and PNG format pictures so that you would not have to search for another PNG compressing tool again. The Optimizilla also offers bulk compression, up to 20 images at a time.

After compression, you can also see the quality previews of the image before and after compression. The website also provides a compression level slider. You can slide it either upwards or downwards to compress images, along with reducing the file size. The compression amount is available from 0% to 90% and supports image file at any size. The web interface is also available in 15 languages.

Optimizilla Image Optimizer


The CompressNow comes with a simple interface, that helps you to reduce the image file size easily. You can use the drag and drop interface to upload images, and slider to set the compression level. You can upload up to 10 images at a time, and click on the “Compress now” to start reducing the image weight. It will quickly reduce the image size. You can also reset the compression level and get different quality images.

CompressNow Image Optimizer


THe JPEG-Optimizer only provides the option to compress the images in jpeg format. So, you cannot upload and compress the PNG images or other formats. You can only upload and process one image at a time. Here is how you can compress an image using the JPEG optimizer online for free.

JPEG Optimizer Image Optimizer

  • Open the website.
  • Click on “Choose file” button and select an image file from your computer directory.
  • Check the “Compress Image” box and uncheck the “Resize” one.
  • Type in the compression level at the rate of 100.
  • Click on “optimize photo.”

Smush It

Smush has so many excellent features to provide along with a neat and clean interface. The interface is so simple that you just have to choose your images to be compressed from your computer and your task will be done instantly. The best part of this online tool is that it converts images even to other formats like JPEG, PNG, or any other format depending upon user choice.

Smush it Image Optimizer

There are also many other web services to compress the images online for free. Hope the article helped to choose the best.

That concludes our list of best free image optimization tools. Do you use any other tool? Let us know in the comments including any software or plugin.

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