Fix Nokia 7 stuck on Android logo or not receiving Android updates

Fix Nokia 7 stuck on Android logo or not receiving Android updates

HMD Global’s mid-range smartphone Nokia 7 users have been reporting several update issues and Android Operating System bug that does not let boot the device. Some of the discussions happening around the online forums often suggest wrong or no solution for the issues. Here we have the best solutions to Fix Nokia 7 stuck on Android logo or not receiving Android updates. This will sort your Nokia 7 smartphone with problems that the device stuck at the boot logo or not be receiving any OTA (Over-he-Air) updates.

Fix Nokia 7 stuck on Android logo or not receiving Android updates

Nokia 7 is not available worldwide, so most of the smartphones are imported from China in many countries. Therefore, it might not be possible to get assistance from the HMD Global or Nokia Mobile from the country you live in. Go through the solutions below if you have not found the answers yet.

Nokia 7 issue not resolved in forum

Some of the smartphone users across the globe have been reporting the issue that made the smartphone seems like it bricks without any unauthorized actions by users. Most got stuck at the Android logo while booting (not a boot loop) after fewer updates. Here is the solution to fix it. The update issue has also occurred, which almost cannot be resolved in some simple method (like resetting to factory settings). So, the only way is to flash the stock ROM from the beginning and set up the device like a fresh new unit.

Nokia 7 unlocked screen

Warning: The instruction involves installing the entire ROM from the boot. So, do it carefully to avoid bricking the smartphone. Make sure you are entirely aware of fastboot, ADB commands.

  1. There is no official support for bootloader unlock from HMD Global on the new Nokia smartphones. So, you need to get some third-party tools (like bootloader unlock key from Techmesto ).
  2. Install ADB & Fastboot on your PC. If you want to know how to properly install and use ADB Command-line through CMD or bash in your PC, check this thread.
  3. Unlock bootloader using the key you purchased.
  4. Download official Stock firmware/ROM.
  5. Install Nokia OST (Online Service Tool) and copy the Stock ROM to the folder.
  6. Flash using OST.
  7. Factory resets your smartphone.
  8. Relock bootloader.

Unlock bootloader

  1. Open ADB/Fastboot in your PC.
  2. Copy signature file in the ADB/Fastboot folder.
  3. Go to Settings > System> Developer options in your smartphone and enable OEM Unlocking.
  4. Turn off the phone and enter Download Mode by pressing Volume Down + Power key, after connecting the phone to PC via USB cable.
  5. Enter the following command in CMD: fastboot flash unlock [signature-file-name]

How to Install Nokia OST & Flash ROM

  1. Download OST LA and Patch.
  2. Install OST LA on your PC.
  3. Extract the patch file (pass: 123) and replace the OnlineUpdateTool.exe in installation folder with the patch file. Also, remove the file OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config in installed folder.
  4. Open the app and start flashing the ROM to the smartphone in fastboot mode (after bootloader unlocking).

Nokia Online Service Tool

Factory Reset Nokia 7

  1. Turn off the smartphone.
  2. Enter recovery mode using Volume Up + Power button key combination, then connect the device to a USB Cable (Charger/PC).
  3. You will enter the recovery mode and reset the smartphone from there.

Relock Bootloader of Nokia 7

  1. Enter download mode and connect to PC.
  2. Open ADB Fastboot and enter the following command: fastboot oem lock [signature-file]

After flashing the stock ROM, you can boot up to the device and install Google Play Store. Your smartphone will boot normally, and you can update to the latest Operating System (Android Oreo) over the network.

Hope this guide has helped you to fix Nokia 7 stuck on Android logo or not receiving Android updates.

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