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Ever since the Google released the Google Drive back in 2012, many features have been adding to the list every year. There are a lot of features and options that make the Drive the favorite one. Google One is a plan for Google Drive with more features. Google Drive comes with plenty of features inbuilt. Here are some of the best features you could ever make use of, with Google Drive cloud storage, backup, and synchronization service. Let’s take a look at the Google One Features Plans and Pricing.

Everything from powerful computing to remote data storage now moved to Cloud services. The cloud storages would be the most frequently used and popular version of cloud services. Among hundreds of Cloud Storage services available online, Google Drive still ranks as the best provider.

Google One Features Plans and Pricing

Google One is the latest feature the company introduced to support the Google Drive. It offers extra services with the expanded storage plans for the drive. You can easily get the following unique features, with the flawless support from the Internet giant.

  • More space and plans: Apart from the conventional storage space and expanded plans, Google Drive with Google One offers space varies from 100GB to 30TB. You can choose the best suiting one for your needs.
  • Access to Google experts: With extended plans, you can now get your hands-on to many other Google services easily, including the Google Developers Experts, Google Play deals, Hotel/Flight deals, and more benefits in Google search results.
  • Sharing with family: Aside from the normal public/private sharing option, Google now allows you to add up to five family members. So, you can share any file with them anytime with just one click.

Google One Plans

The Google One feature is announced to hit the paid Google Drive services shortly, and you can utilize them for the best. Also, here are some other features that make it the best.

  • Free 15GB: Google offers a 15GB of free Google Drive storage for every user who creates an account in Google. So, any google account can backup and store data up to 15GB.
  • Supports all file types: Like the usual computer offline storage location, the Google Drive can keep any files and data with from any type. All you need is to tap upload select the data you need to upload.
  • Security: Google offers one of the best-secured storage options with this. You can get the full security that the Intenet giant provides.
  • Antivirus: Google Drive now comes with an inbuilt antivirus scanning option. So, whichever executable or suspected file you upload or try to download from your Google Drive, it shows a warning. Also, you can proceed with scanning the entire file before downloading.
  • Multi-sharing: As the files, you create or saved are kept on a secure remote vault, you can easily share them too. The easy options allow you to generate the links for sharing the files with other people. You can also set the permissions.
  • Third-party App support: You can easily link any authorized Google linked apps to the drive. Thu, you can have more options and control over your data with more exciting tools.
  • Save Gmail Attachments: You can directly save the attachments and files received in the mail from Gmail.
  • Google Photos: Every image that you save on the Google Drive will be visible through Google Photos app.
  • Drive Apps: Google itself provides many apps that work in associated with the Google Drive including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, etc.
  • Backup: Google Drive is one of the most compact methods to backup the files from your PC. WhatsApp automatically uploads the backup files to the drive for later restoration.
  • Offline method: You can make the files offline from Google Drive to work in offline. The autosave will toggle when the network connection is back.


Google One Features Plans and Pricing

Google One Pricing

As aforementioned, the Google Drive is free up to 15GB for personal use. If you want, you can get more at affordable pricing. You can get 100GB for US$1.99/month, 1TB for US$9.99/month and 10TB+ at US$99.99/month. It is very cheaper and affordable compared to other cloud storage facilities.

Why is Google Drive the best?

Google Drive became much popular due to the ubiquity of Google Accounts and Android smartphones. But considering it like any other cloud storage service, it is very handier than any other competitor. You can access any time from anywhere is a secure way. With the plenty of features and secure adaptation of third-party apps, you would not regret purchasing the Drive storage.

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