How to add a Shortcut into Reminders App in iPhone (iOS 12)

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The Shortcuts app in iOS 12 has been designed to naturally and smoothly work with several native iOS apps like Reminders, Camera, Photos and more. We already covered List of New Features of Siri Shortcuts App (iOS 12) in detail. Now, it’s time to check the practical usage of the app. So, we decided to start with the tutorial about how to add a Shortcut into Reminders App in iPhone (iOS 12).

iPhone Siri Shortcuts Reminder

Steps to add a Shortcut into Reminders App in iPhone

Apple’s Reminders app isn’t just any ordinary to-do list. It has high potential and has multiple use cases.  For instance, Reminders on the iPhone can store your location, used to find some interesting stuff or do other things. Here we’ll see add a Shortcut into Reminders App in iPhone with iOS 12.

  • First, ensure that Siri is enabled. To check this Go to ‘Settings’ section and look for ‘Siri & Search’ option.

Enable Siri Search on iPhone

  • Tap the option and check if the toggle for Listen for “Hey Siri” is set to ‘On’.

Enable Hey Siri Command

  • Now, go to the ‘Shortcuts’ app and switch to Library.
  • There, click on …(3 dots) visible under ‘Untitled Shortcut’ list.

Add Shortcut

  • Summon Siri, then say something like, “Remind me about the Tea Break at 4”. The ingenious voice assistant recognizes quickly that you’re looking at a shortcut and automatically creates the reminder for you.

Add Reminder in Iphone

  • Tap on Siri icon to continue speaking to Siri.
  • Please note that if required, you can also use alternate Siri phrases, such as “Add this to my Work list” or “Remind me about the tea break at 4 p.m”.
  • The shortcut will automatically be available to your default Reminders list. The name of the shortcut will be the title of the reminder.
  • If you would like to run the shortcut from Reminders, simply tap the Shortcuts icon in the list.

Do you use Shortcuts like these? If yes in what kind of scenarios do you use, especially when it comes to location.

Know any more tips? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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