How to download YouTube music videos on your phone


Now that you already know how to download YouTube Videos, and watch it offline, lets now find out how you can download YouTube Music, and do the same. Yes, you can enjoy normal YouTube video songs without a subscription plan. That is possible only when you are connected to the internet. What if you don’t have internet connection all the time? Here we found a solution. In this article, we are discussing the steps to convert and download YouTube music videos on your phone.

That said, YouTube has a separate section for YouTube Music, and it is a paid service. You will have to purchase the subscription to avail the service. But it is an expensive thing, and not everyone can afford it.

However, before we go ahead, you need to understand the legal part of it. Converting and downloading YouTube videos and music are a clear violation of YouTube’s terms and policy. So, we are not responsible for any of the consequences. This article is for educational purpose only, and only for those who want to download the music from their own videos.

Steps to download YouTube music videos on your phone

The first step is to obtain the video URL. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Then use the search bar to find your favorite music video. Once you have found the video, play it in the app. Then you can find the menu options, just below the video player. Find the option to Share and tap on it.

YouTube Video URL Share

The share button will open a sharing list. There you can find the option named Copy Link. Tap on it. Now you have the video URL copied to your clipboard.

We are using a third party website to convert and download the YouTube videos. Open your favorite browser on your smartphone. Then go to this website:

Now paste the video URL that you just copied to your clipboard in the column named as Insert Video link and select format. download YouTube music on your phone

After pasting the URL, you can choose the final format. Choose mp3 as the format, because you are converting the video to music. Then tap on the button Convert. However, you can use the search bar to search for a specific video from within the convert2mp3 website.

You have completed the initial steps to convert your video to music. Now you can add tags to your music file. You can add the name, genre, track name, artist name etc. If you click the advanced option, you can add a custom album art as well.

In addition to adding tags, this page will help you to listen to the converted music file. Play and check if it has converted properly. If everything is fine, click Continue button.

music download from youtube

This is the final stage. You have already converted the video to mp3 format. This page offers you several options include download, share externally and an option to save it to your cloud storage service. You can use Dropbox as well. Tap on the Download button and the file starts downloading to your local storage. You can find the music file in your file manager or local music app.

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