How to Get Free CSGO Skins 2019

CS:GO is a very addictive game that engages multiple combats. One of the things that make it interesting is the ability to customize your weapons with a skin. The game allows you to use skins on weapons and make them look lethal. These skins are normally sold, but did you know that you can get them for free? Assuming that you already know the CS:GO gaming basics, you will understand how to use the skin and why you need them.

So, how can you get free skins to use on your weapons? Here are some ways to get genuinely free CS:GO skins.

  • Play for Drops

The first way to get free CSGO skins, which is also the easiest and most organic way, is by playing CS:GO as usual. But you will have to be extra patient with this one. You are not always guaranteed to get the free skins on tf2 gambling sites. The main thing here is to be consistent with your playing and try to win as many battles as possible. If you are killed too many times in the combats, you won’t stand the chance of winning anything in the game.

You can play the game on community servers, which must be Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Enabled. A VAC-enabled community server will grant you drops as you play. Another thing to ensure you get any drops is by playing with at least one player. You can even play with 10 other players.

The maximum drops you can get in a week are 4, and one of the drops will be for leveling up. The other three drops are given randomly throughout the game. The drops normally come in the form of cases. These cases are opened with a key that is purchased in the game. Once you buy the key, you can open up the cases to get free skins. Generally, you’ll be more likely to get a case drop when you play the competitive mode. You must play the game constantly for you to win the weekly drops and get the free skins.

One major advantage of this method is that you get the skins for free naturally. Nonetheless, most of these cases will need you to purchase a key to unlock it. Also, the chances of getting rare and valuable skin are low. Plus, this method tends to be slower than other ways of getting free CS:GO skins.

  • Go For the Giveaways

Another way of getting free CS:GO skins are by joining the gaming organizations, eSports teams, blogs, and CS:GO betting sites. These sites organize skins for giveaways, and you can get some valuable skins for free. The organizers of these sites will give away the free skins to thousands of CS:GO players. This means that your chances of winning are very limited. But if you are persistent and patient enough, you can end up getting some good skins to use on your weapons.

  • Perform Specific Actions/Tasks

You can visit specific websites that offer free skins as a reward for performing certain tasks. Here, you will only be getting the free skins because you completed the action specified by the website. Some of the tasks you might have to complete on these sites include filling out a survey, installing a mobile app, or giving out your email address to a third-party site.

The best part of this method is that you don’t have to spend a single dime to get the free skins. Also, you can get some valuable CSGO skins if you are lucky. But there is a catch. First, you might have to give away your email, which means that you will be receiving promotional emails almost every day. Plus, you may have to download a mobile app to your computer, which could be a virus, malware, or spyware.

This method is not always the best due to computer security. But if you find a trusted website, you can depend on their free skins without worrying about any security issues.

  • Trusted Online Skin Wallets

If you want to get the free skins and be sure of getting the real deal, you can also visit the Skin eWallets. The thing is that most of these wallets deal with people who sell their skins to the CSGO community. If you are lucky, the seller can decide to give away their skin as an act of giving to the community.

Skin Wallet offers a way to sell and even get CSGO skins from the CSGO players around the globe. The best part about it is that the site uses a secure system to keep your financial information. There are usually auctions, and if the skin is not sold, the player can decide to give it away.

  • Trades

Maybe you have heard about the trades as a CS:GO player. What happens here is that you (the player) will sell cheap skins with the aim of getting some default boxes that would give you better skins. The truth of the matter here is that you will rely on your luck and the prices of the platform. Furthermore, you need to have some skills to help you make the right trade and end up winning.

CS:GO trading is typically similar to Forex trading, which means you have to be good at it to be successful. Even though you will not be using any money, you will have to be really good at trading. The trading skills are what will give you the free skins.

  • Through Rolls

You can also win some free skins through the rolls. The CS:GO rolls gambling sites will require you to bet your start deposit on rolls and win the skins. The only disadvantage is that the method is typically illegal. There is a lot of fraud in the GS:GO rolls gambling sites. Well, this method is not entirely free, but you might end up getting some amazing skins while spending almost nothing.

Remember that the skins help to make your weapon look elegant and also make you look like a badass. That is why you need to choose the right skin. The only drawback is that you cannot choose free skins. Nevertheless, here is how you can customize your weapon on CS:GO with the skins you win.

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