How to get Nokia Bothie camera effect on any Android phone

get Nokia Bothie camera effect on any Android phone

Usually, when we make videos and capture images, we use only one camera at a time, either the front or rear. The condition has changed with the arrival of new Nokia smartphones, made by HMD Global. Almost every smartphone by the company running Android OS comes with a unique feature named Bothies. Currently, the option is an exclusively built-in function for Nokia devices. However, you can get Nokia Bothie camera effect on any Android phone. The feature allows you to use both the front-facing camera and main rear camera simultaneously while capturing pictures or videos.

How to get Nokia Bothie camera effect on any Android phone

The Bothie feature is merely a software gimmick feature that Nokia provides with their smartphones. It splits the camera screen interface to half, showing both front and rear camera output side-by-side. So, instead of taking selfies or normal shots, you can take Bothies. The simultaneous capturing of images using both front and rear camera, and then combines them will make impressive photos. You can also shoot videos in the bothie mode. It is also capable of live streaming the video to Facebook and Youtube Live.

The feature is similar to the LG Dual Camera Mode and Samsung’s Dual Shot mode which has been on their smartphones from past several years. The only difference is Nokia devices can broadcast the videos to the web.

Even if you are not a Nokia smartphone user, don’t worry — you can also avail the same feature easily. Here is the quickest method to use the Nokia’s Bothie camera effect on any of your Nokia smartphone.

  1. Download the Nokia 8 Camera App’s APK from here. Well, there is no other way you can get the same feature. Several developers lately released the installable version of the Nokia 8’s camera app. So, you can download it for free.
  2. Install the APK like any other app and open it. You may need to use Developer option to install apps from third-party.
  3. After opening the camera, grant the required permissions to allow the app to run flawlessly.
  4. Swipe from the left and choose “Photo” from the list.
  5. Swipe towards the left to close the panel.
  6. You can see a couple of icons at the top edge of the camera app. Among them, tap on the bothie icon (first from the left, showing a face icon). The app will display the menu from which you can choose the bothie. The middle one will trigger the bothie effect on your smartphone, while the last one opens the second camera in PiP (Picture-in-Picture mode).

get Nokia Bothie camera effect on any Android phone

Things you must know

There may be similar other third-party apps that provide the same feature. But, ported APK from Nokia 8 is still much better option than any apps from unreliable sources. Also, please make sure that you download the genuine APK as there are many fraudulent apps available. Using bothie feature on some of the smartphones would cause the camera system crash. It means the smartphone does not support the bothie camera effect. So, there is no other way to run the app in such devices. However, most of the devices seem compatible.

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