How to improve call quality in Android smartphones

improve call quality

There are some common factors that affect the call quality of Android smartphones. It causes several issues associated with the voice call, includes call drop, poor call quality, inaudible voice, echo voice in call etc. It happens due to some small glitches and network associated errors. However, in most of the cases, we can resolve the issue on our Android smartphones. In this article, we are discussing the steps to improve call quality in Android smartphones. Since voice calling is the primary feature of every telephone devices, it is hard to live with poor voice call quality on an expensive smartphone.

Steps to improve call quality in Android smartphones

There are many things you can do to improve the call quality to a good extent. However, we can’t guarantee a huge impact on the call quality after trying the following steps. But still, it is worth a try.

Check and clean earpieces and headphones.

This is the most basic thing to do. It is very important to keep the earpiece of the phone clean and tidy. Despite the call quality, a dirty ear-piece can cause various infections and diseases in your ear. Also, a dirty ear-piece can affect the call quality to a great extent. The specks of dirt and small dust pieces can block the grills of ear-price, which will lead to a poor quality voice.

The same is applicable for headphones and earphones. If you are one who always uses headphones and earphones for listening to music and calling, you should always keep the earbuds clean and dust-free.

Use VoLTE (High-Quality Call), if available with your carrier.

Many carriers in the United States and the other countries offer high-quality settings for their devices. If you buy your smartphone through a specific carrier, they will include the high-quality call settings with your device. It is otherwise known as VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) in other places. Some carriers offer it for free, while others charge a small amount for this service.

improve call quality in Android smartphones

VoLTE is a really nice feature and it really improves your call quality. Because it sends voice data through high-speed LTE connection. This boosts up the call quality. But this feature works only if you are calling the same carrier, it may not work for cross-carrier calls. Also, unlocked users can’t use this service on their devices.

Use Wi-Fi Calling feature

Wi-Fi calling is an emerging and an advantageous feature. Many of the leading carriers are already offering this service. If your carrier and the device support it, you can find its settings in the network settings of your phone. This feature is not completely developed yet, and it is a half-baked one as of now. Therefore, it causes some issues like echoes from the other side and some slight delays in the audio delivery. However, it delivers clear and loud voice. So that, you can hear with more clarity.

In order to use this service, you need to be connected to a good quality Wi-Fi connection with internet access. You need both carrier and device support to use this. Some of the older Android phones don’t come with Wi-Fi calling, also it is not available in all regions.

Use internet calling services

improve call quality in Android smartphones

The final solution is using Internet-based voice calling services. You can choose from plenty of Internet-based voice calling apps. It includes Skype, Google Duo, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram etc. Among them, Skype is the best app with perfect call quality and real-time connectivity. You can also use Hangouts app. Remember, all of these apps require an active internet connection at both ends.

You can use any of the above methods to improve your voice calling quality in Android smartphones. If you are still having issues with call quality and hearing issues, please take your phone to the nearest service center.

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