How to use Custom text in Social apps and Websites

Offbeat to the conventional text typing methods, many social media platforms including WhatsApp and youtube allow its users to format the text according to their wish using certain special symbols. Have you noticed your friends use Custom text in Social apps and Websites i.e. comments in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc?

The various formatting methods can be attained without any quarrel including in WhatsApp, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or wherever. The formatted texts are similar, but the steps followed in each platform differ from other.

Concerning the WhatsApp and YouTube Comment formatting, both have almost similar symbol constraints to be used at both ends of the words.

How to write text in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp rolled out its first update with the text formatting feature back in 2016. The platform allows users to make a text Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, and Monospace. All four functions are assigned with certain special symbols and follow these steps to format the text accordingly in your WhatsApp.

How to write comments in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in WhatsApp

Bold: A word or a group of words can be made bold by using asterisk marks ( * ) on both ends of the words. If the asterisk marks are just space away from the end character of any of the end, then it most likely not to happen. Also, multiple paragraphs cannot be in a single bold “asterisks”.

  • For example, This text is bold. *But this is not *.

Italics: Adding two underscores ( _ ) at both ends makes a word or word block italics in appearance. The same condition as the “Bold” applies in this case.

  • For example, This text is italics

Strikethrough: You have to insert tilde ( ~ ) on each end (starting and ending) to get a strikethrough text.

  • For example, This text is in strikethrough

Monospace: Three backticks at the starting and ending of the words or a sentence to format the text into MOnspace font. One the monospace is applied to a fragment, then all other formatting characteristics will turn invalid.

  • For Example, ????????? ????

In most smartphones, you can select the text and choose the formatting method from the “popup options”. Also, you can use multiple formatting methods at once in a piece of writing, by nesting the appropriate special characters over and over. Here you can check one example for it.

  • Bold and Italics, Bold and Strikethrough

How to write comments in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in YouTube

How to post comments in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in YouTube

In case you were unaware, youtube also lets you format your comments on videos before you publish them. All the formatting options available in WhatsApp are also seen on youtube, except the Monospace. Similar to the WhatsApp, the atter needs an asterisk bounded text to format it as Bold and underscore for the italics text. But the strikethrough does not accept tilde; instead, you an provide hyphens or dashes on both sides. For Example -Strikethrough-.

How to write in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in on Facebook or Twitter?

Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter currently do not provide the direct options or access to formatting the text, status update, comment or anything on these platforms. However, it is one of the most awaited features from the Internet giants.

How to write in Bold, Italics or Strikethrough in Facebook and Twitter

As of now, we have no direct solutions, but we do have a smart option which can help you post formatted text on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform. Have a look at these steps to get away with some cool tips.

1. Choose any of the Unicode text converter websites like
2. Insert your text in the field
3. Choose appropriate formatting method or font
4. Post it on anywhere else

Since the characters are Unicode converted, the text can be seen from any device without any hassle. Hope this article helps you formatting texts on various social media platforms.

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