How to Receive RSS Feed of a website as an email


A regular Internet user knows what RSS feed means. Today, there are many RSS feed readers available but many of us do not feel comfortable using them since they do not allow to open multiple tabs. To avoid this problem  one can easily subscribe his RSS feed of website through an email. It could be quite easy then to read the feed and emails all together, while looking up the emails in your Inbox.

Mentioned below are the two websites which brings the RSS feed updates through email to your inbox. If you are aware of  such similar websites let us know about them too. Use the comments section to share their names with us.


Feed2Mail is the simple web application which doesn’t require any registration.  Just enter the feed URL of the website that you want to subscribe in the Feed box of the website. If you don’t remember the long feed URL of the website then simply enter the URL of the website. Next, enter your email address for which you want to receive the feed updates and hit the subscribe button at the end. Soon, you will start receiving the feed updates as the email to your inbox.


It could be cumbersome each time to navigate to this website to subscribe for a new feed. So, you can bypass the process of visiting the website by installing the extensions for the Chrome and FireFox web browsers. At the top of this web app there are links to navigate to install the FireFox add-on and Chrome extension, install the extensions according to your browser preferences and avoid hassle of the visiting of the this web app each time.

Feed My Inbox

Feed My Inbox is another web app, following Feed2Mail which is useful for subscribing the RSS feed through email. The former is entirely available for no cost but this web app gives you the option to subscribe at most five feeds for free and the additional feeds need to be paid. There are different plans available on the website to pay for the additional feeds other than five to subscribe .


This web app sends you email digest of all the feeds that you have subscribed for each day. This website also have a bookmarklet option to subscribe the feed of a website or a web page when you come across surfing the Internet.

Whether you want to subscribe Twitter updates or the website which doesn’t have any RSS feed subscription links, these two websites play a key role in subscribing. I will recommend Feed2Mail since it is free and you can subscribe to unlimited number of the feeds.

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