How to remotely control your Android Smartphone

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The Android operating system allows you to let other users take control of your smartphone remotely over the network. Using remote control enabled on Android smartphones, you can get quick help while troubleshooting an issue or working on some other things. For letting other users access your smartphone, you should need to install some third-party apps. So the other user can remotely control the android phone from another phone. In this guide, we will share how to remotely control your Android Smartphone.

How to remotely control your Android Smartphone

Just before we start, you should know, that you could still use your smartphone while the remote user is operating. This works exactly same as the standard remote desktop feature on computers. Here are the best ways to control your android smartphone remotely.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

The QuickSupport is a remote Android device manager app by TeamViewer. You might have already heard about the TeamViewer if you were a PC user who shares screens with pals. TeamViewer is one of the most used remote desktop and screencasting software tools available on PC. Now with the TeamViewer QuickSupport, you can also avail the same feature on Android too.

Quick Support remotely control your Android Smartphone

The app mainly aims at the remote troubleshooting and assistance by remotely control your Android Smartphone, like TeamViewer in PC, you can easily generate the secret share code on the app and share it with the technician or whoever wants to use your smartphone. You can control your smartphone from another Android smartphone or even a PC remotely. Also, it comes with a feature that lets you share files between phones over the Internet. Here are some of the top rated features of QuickSupport by TeamViewer.

  • Communication via chat.
  • File transfer between devices.
  • Control from phone, tablet or PC.
  • Control the entire device settings.
  • View system diagnostic information.
  • Real-time screenshot capturing.
  • Universal-clipboard between devices.
  • Connection secured with 256-Bit AES Encryption.


Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

The Inkwire is a helpful tool from ClockworkMode, the developers of CWM Recovery. The Inkwire Screen Share app also comes with similar interface and features as QuickSupport. You can utilize the app to get the remote assistance or help from technicians, family or friends. Additionally, you can communicate between devices by over voice or as text messages. Inkwire remotely control your Android Smartphone

Once the app starts sharing the screen with the other user, you cannot stop until the client chooses to end. So, it would bring issues for typical users. Still, you can opt for this app to share your smartphone screen and accessibility over a reliable source.



The RemoDroid is one among the best screen share apps available on Google Play Store. By using your Android smartphone as the host, you can access the screen from many platforms. The RemoDroid support remote access from any other Android smartphone, Windows PC or Mac. Currently, the RemoDroid app is in the early beta stage, which may show unstable performance. Also, it needs Root permission to allow the remote control. Remodroid remotely control your Android Smartphone

Only the host device needs the app to be installed. You can access the smartphone screen from any other device by entering the IP address given in the app interface. You can also set password manually, prevent other users from accessing the device over a network. The Multi-user support allows more than one users to access the smartphone and view or control the device interface remotely.

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How do you share your smartphone screen with your technician or friends?. Feel free to comment.

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