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Status History

If you are an avid Facebook user then it would be difficult to know how many status updates you have posted since your signup. You may sometimes feel the urge to know who of your friends have commented on your statues updates, who of your friends have liked your posts, who is the top most friend who have commented most number of times on your posts and many more about your Facebook status updates that you have written to your Wall.

Users may feel enthusiastic if there is chance to know more about the history of their posts on the Facebook . There is a Facebook application called Status History which fetches all your Facebook Status Updates and make a statistics for your posts on the Facebook.

Status History1


Status History Application for Facebook shows all the facts of your posts that were posted on your Facebook Wall. After navigating to this website hit Get Status History which is at the middle of the page and accept the Request Permission, make sure that you have been logged into the Facebook, then it may take a few minutes based on the number of statuses you have posted on the Facebook to retrieve all your statuses.

Next it shows the page where all your Facebook Statuses history is sorted as the Quick facts. Here is an image displaying my Facebook status updates facts which are sorted out by this app. Some of the features of this app is that it shows the Top commentators for your posts and it also shows the top Likes for your posts. Still you can search the number of comments and likes your post got for a particular keyword of your posts or for a particular person from all the list of persons who have liked your posts.

Status History


The Status History app just show the complete status updates facts of a specific Facebook user but there was a Facebook app called Status Statistics which gives the complete statistics of the user but unfortunately it is not working now.

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